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Zombie Sister Strategy

Chapter 395: 395 Lin Qiao Leaves Sea City

Lin Qiao couldn't bear watching that, so she walked up and knocked the woman out with a slap.

After that, she showed her face and said to Xie Dong, "Pack your things. Nothing here is worthy for you to be reluctant to leave. Let's go to the new base and start over."

Xie Dong glanced at her, then nodded before turning and walking into the bedroom.

Lin Qiao stood by that woman's side, then entered her s.p.a.ce to bring out the guy named Huang Tianfei. After that, she squatted beside the two fainted people and rubbed her chin while thinking for a while.

She raised her head to look around, then fixed her eyes on the old curtains. Next, she stood up and walked to the windows, then dragged the curtains off.

She tore the curtains into pieces, then tied the two people up. At last, she dragged both of them to the door, opened it, and threw them out.

As she turned around and prepared to walk back in, she paused abruptly, then looked back at the two while blinking. Suddenly, her lips curved in a wicked smile. She reached out a hand, spread her fingers out, and slightly clenched them toward the two.

Along with a slight cloth-tearing noise, all the clothes of the two people who were lying on the ground turned into pieces and fell off their bodies.

They hadn't woken up yet, so some cloth pieces were still on them. Once they woke up and tried to move, they would both be stark naked.

After doing that, Lin Qiao quickly went back into the apartment.

She knew that many people lived in this building, so those two people would soon be seen.

At that moment, Xie Dong walked out with a bag. He stood beside Lin Qiao and looked at her without noticing what she just did. Lin Qiao shut the door after he walked out.

"Are you done packing? If you're done, we'll leave," said Lin Qiao.

Xie Dong nodded at her.

Lin Qiao brought him into her s.p.a.ce, then came out in the invisible state, opened the door, and walked out. She went straight downstairs and headed outside, soon reaching the fence wall. She looked around for a moment, and then moved to a staircase.

There were stairs leading to the top of the fence wall, as lookout posts were set up there.

Lin Qiao took the stairs up, then directly leaped off the eight-meter-tall fence wall.

Within two-hundred meters from the fence wall on the inside and five-hundred meters on the outside, the area was totally empty, with no buildings or trees. That area was kept empty to ensure a wide and clear view for the sentries. For that purpose, all the buildings around the fence wall had been torn down when the base was built.

Therefore, Lin Qiao needed to cover a distance on foot after leaping off the fence wall.

When she jumped down from the wall, she forgot about the fact that she now had a baby in her belly. So, as she landed on the ground and made a few steps, she froze shortly.

'Eh? I was running about just now. Is Viney fine?'

As she was not feeling any discomfort, Lin Qiao was slightly relieved.

At that moment, Viney seemed to have sensed her thoughts, as her voice was heard from the bottom of Lin Qiao's heart.

'Mama, Mama, Viney is fine… But Mama, please don't fight with others. If you have to, don't fight too intensely…'

'Do you mean that I can't do close combat against others now?' Lin Qiao asked.

'No, you cant,' said Viney.

'Alright then, I get it. Using my powers should be fine, right?' said Lin Qiao.

'Mama, you can use your powers as much as you want, as long as you don't consume them up,' Viney replied.

Hearing that, Lin Qiao sighed with relief and then kept walking.

Inside her s.p.a.ce, Xie Dong was sitting on a couch, looking a little dull and confused. Shen Yujen walked out of a small s.p.a.ce. She had sensed that Xie Dong was a zombie like her, and wasn't at a higher level than her.

She walked to the other side of the couch and sat down, then curiously looked at Xie Dong's face. She found that as same as her face, his face showed no zombie features either. If she didn't sense his zombie scent, she might not be able to recognize him as a zombie.

Noticing that a person had suddenly shown up beside him, Xie Dong came back to his senses and raised his head to look at Shen Yujen.


The two of them wore the same expression. Xie Dong wasn't surprised, because he was used to seeing weird zombies around Lin Qiao. Even he himself was one of them.

On the outside, Lin Qiao walked through the empty area and found a place where n.o.body was present, then brought out a car of her s.p.a.ce. After that, she sat into the driver's seat and started the car, then began driving toward Hangzhou.

Two hours later, she arrived at the Upper City District. From a long distance away, she saw a large crowd of zombies wandering on the street. Only until Lin Qiao's vehicle approached did those zombies stop moving and turn toward her simultaneously.

Lin Qiao parked the car three meters away from then, then stuck her head out to look around.

Bang! A loud noise was heard as a heavy thing fell on the roof of her car.

Lin Qiao turned and glanced at the car roof, then said calmly, "Please don't jump onto my car next time. Look, you've already dented my car. Are you gonna pay for that?"

After saying that, she drew her head back into the car. At that moment, the zombie crowd before her suddenly began moving toward both sides as if they were stimulated by something.

Meanwhile, a figure leaped down from the car roof. That was the crack-mouthed zombie boy.

Zombie number four, who looked like a disabled kid as his chin was wrapped up in a bandage,, walked to Lin Qiao's car window and popped his black eyes to observe Lin Qiao.

Lin Qiao saw the confused look on his face and understood that he might not understand the change of her vibe. Her original zombie vibe still remained, even though she hadn't released it entirely.

So now, zombie number four must be wondering why her vibe was different again, and why he couldn't tell which exact part of her vibe had changed.

Lin Qiao thought for a moment, then said to him, "Give me your cup."

Hearing her mention his cup, the zombie boy immediately forgot about other things. He hurriedly pulled his backpack to his chest and opened it to take out a cup from it before handing it to Lin Qiao.

Lin Qiao promised to provide each of them with a cup of lake water every day. However, they hadn't been drinking any of the water that Lin Qiao gave since they got here. So, they all felt quite agitated recently.

After drinking the lake water for a few days, they had gradually lost their appet.i.te for living human beings.

A canteen appeared in Lin Qiao's hand as she shook that hand. After that, she filled the zombie boy's cup with lake water. As soon as his cup was filled, the zombie boy impatiently ripped off the bandage on his mouth, exposing his scary-looking b.l.o.o.d.y mouth, then poured the water in.

'Why do I feel that this kid is drinking some kind of life-saving drug?' thought Lin Qiao.


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