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Top Furious Doctor Soldier

Chapter 90: Chapter 90

Published at 7th of July 2019 12:01:16 AM Chapter 90
Chapter 90 One of the Capital's Four Young Masters

"Stop fooling around!"

Liu Feng took half a step backwards surrept.i.tiously and lifted his hand, knocking at Ai Lin'er's little head . "You're not to do this the next time . Can't you see there are so many outsiders looking on?"

"Cough cough, I Old Xu did not see anything at all . " Xu Tingfei c.o.c.ked his head to the side and pretended not to see anything . But this old fella had kept pointing his legs, not to mention being arrogant .

"Cough, cough! Do as you please then . I did not see anything, anyway . " Vice Governor Duan also c.o.c.ked his head .

The corner of Ai Lin'er's lips curled into a deep and profound arc and she had suddenly cast a glance at Yang s.h.i.+wen . That glance seemed to say very clearly, "Did you see that? Liu Feng is mine . "

But Yang s.h.i.+wen did not back down out of fear . Even though she had not uttered any sound, she mouthed two sharp words, "Shameless couple!"

The two great beauties of the Oriental and Western world were silently competing with each other . Even though other people did not know about this, Liu Feng saw it clearly .

"Alright, since the misunderstanding about me has been dispelled, I want to thank everyone for coming to uphold justice for me, Liu Feng, from places afar . " Liu Feng expressed in a wild and social manner . He bunched his fist before him in front of everyone who was present, using this to dispel Ai Lin'er and Yang s.h.i.+wen's attention .

Every Big Boss who was present had already witnessed Liu Feng's extremely high stature . Immediately, they smiled and tried to make contact with him .

"Liu Feng, it's natural that I should be upholding fairness for you," Vice Governor Duan said, "Yesterday night, I had talked with Vice Governor Shui over the phone . So you and Old Shui do know each other! And you are even long-lost friends who have known each other for a very long time . So on just this point, I certainly cannot agree to have someone bully you . "

Liu Feng heard this and had almost rolled his eyes . Vice Governor Shui had truly helped him before and that was on account of the old rascal's face . When did I, Brother Feng, become long-last friends with Shui Qingxin?

Even though Liu Feng himself knew that Vice Governor Duan was trying to pull strings with him, but it was a different matter when he had heard it from someone else . This young person in front of him did not only have amorous relations with the Spanish princess, but was also a good friend with some Vice Governor . It looked like this person could well be the most outstanding disciple out of some extremely n.o.ble family within the country!

Yesterday night, President Li of the Chamber of Commerce, who had followed Vice Governor Duan to receive White, had started to walk up to Liu Feng . "Old Brother Liu Feng, I am the President of the East China Sea Chamber of Commerce . I am also young brother Yang Ding's good friend . And as it seems, we are going to be very good friends indeed!"


This time, Liu Feng smiled very helplessly . This President Li looked like he could be sixty over years of age . And perhaps he might be even old enough to be Yang Ding's uncle . But he had actually called Liu Feng young brother? Blasted! Did he Brother Feng, look very old?

Yang Ding walked over and laughed, saying, "Little Feng, Big Brother Li truly has a great affinity with us . East China Sea is a very special place in China . Our city is called Donghai city, and the province where Donghai city is at is called the East China Sea province . I am the richest person in Donghai city and Big Brother Li is the richest person in the East China Sea province . That year when I had been starting out my career, I had received the support of Big Brother Li . "

Upon hearing these words from Yang Ding, President Li seemed like he had eaten honey, his old face smiling like blossoming chrysanthemum flowers .

And just at this moment, a hoa.r.s.e raspy voice rang out outside the reception room . "Mr . Liu Feng, Ye Xingshou is here to ask for your pardon . "


And when this voice could be heard, everyone's gaze was cast outside the door .

A middle-aged man who was only fifty over years of age but with a face that was filled with wrinkles and a head full of hair as white as snow started walking in .

That's right . This person was the Director of the Police Station . This Director Ye appeared extremely haggard and even his eyes were flushed red .

"Director Ye, you need not seek a pardon," Liu Feng laughed and said, "Yesterday night, you yourself had said that you would be able to nab Ye Zhiqiu within twelve hours . And as a father who has had to nab his own son, you have upheld justice even at the expense of kins.h.i.+p . This proves that you are a good cop and I will absolutely never put any blame on you . "!

And just as Liu Feng had stopped speaking, Director Ye had actually started kneeling down before Liu Feng unexpectedly .

"My gos.h.!.+ Director Ye, please don't be like this . It was your son who was at fault and not you!"

Liu Feng stretched out his hand to support Director Ye and had even said without stopping, "Even if you were in the wrong, you're so old . As a young person, surely I cannot accept such a gesture from you . Hurry and get up!"

"No, I am in the wrong . I am not fit to be a Director of Police . "

As Ye Xingshou was saying this, he was still truly on his knees . "Yesterday night, I had caught Ye Zhiqiu . He . . . sigh! After all, he's my son, and I let him go, despite knowing that it's against the law . I have let Mr . Liu down . I'm sorry for letting down the organization's hopes in me . I'm sorry . . . "

Liu Feng's face had chilled and he interrupted Ye Xingshou . "You needn't say these . You had committed a crime knowingly by releasing a criminal in spite of your judicial authority . Are you prepared to bear the consequences?"

"Yes, I am!"

Ye Xingshou knelt on the ground, lowered his head and spoke, "I will relinquish my duties of the Director of Police officially and bear the consequences thereafter, including accepting criminal responsibility . "


Mayor Long made a sigh and said in the corner, "Old Ye, what's the point of this? Since your son is incapable, you should have let him bear the responsibility himself? Are you able to help him a lifetime? Do you really believe that he will be able to go scot-free once and for all?"

"Foolis.h.!.+" Vice Governor Duan did not say anything else, but only uttered this word .


Ye Xingshou had also sighed but he had not said anything .

At this moment, the whole crowd had gone quiet and even Ai Lin'er had gone silent .

Now, Liu Feng felt his phone in his pocket vibrate a little . He took out his phone and after looking at it once, lowered his head and asked, "Director Ye, yesterday I had spoken with Mayor Long actually . I said that if I were to exchange places with you, I would not have nabbed my own son myself . "

Ye Xingshou's body trembled lightly but still, he did not say anything .

And Liu Feng continued, "I understand China's laws . There is a law that prevents someone who is guilty of a crime from getting caught, another that does not judge against someone guilty of a crime . But these two laws are only applicable to criminal cases or civil disputes, under the pretext where the victim has initiated to not pursue the matter . And I must tell you that I have always avenged a feud, and none of those executions have lasted overnight . "

Ye Xingshou's head was lowered to such an extent, as though he was a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water .

Following which, Liu Feng's words took a sharp turn and he asked a question that seemed to be completely out of place . "Is Zhao Zhiyin your biological son?"

And just as Liu Feng had mentioned this name, "Zhao Zhiyin", Yang s.h.i.+wen and Peng Jiaqi exchanged glances suddenly .

At the same time, Director Ye had also raised his head . "Yes, Zhao Zhiyin's father is an executive of the Hua Xia Bank . Several years ago, a grave incident had happened in the bank . That time, all fingers were pointed at Zhiyin's father . Later, it was I who had led the Economic Investigation Team to investigate the matter clearly, clearing Zhiyin's father's name of any guilt . "


Liu Feng nodded his head and said, "Zhao Zhiyin is my cla.s.smate and has good relations with me . Moreover, he had given me recommendations in public twice . You had raised such a b.a.s.t.a.r.d son, but you had adopted such a great foster son . "

"I . . . " At this moment, Director Ye, who had already gone completely wan, had a glimmer of hope radiating on his face .

And Liu Feng said, "Just now, Zhao Zhiyin had sent me a text . This guy was so wise that he had not pleaded with me but clarified his relations.h.i.+p with you . Now listen up, I will no longer pursue the matter in which you had let Ye Zhiqiu go, and I also do hope that both Governor Duan and Mayor Long will not pursue the matter any longer . "

"Thank you . . . "

And in that moment when he had said the words "thank you", Ye Xingshou's tears had almost trickled down from his eyes .

And before coming here, this Director Ye had already finished smoking two packets of cigarettes one after the other . He knew that by letting his own son go, he had already forfeited the status that he had earned with the early half of his life—his career was over .

But never had he thought that the tides would have turned that because of his own biological son's short text, Liu Feng, the victim, had decided not to pursue the matter .

"You don't have to thank me for now . "

The corners of Liu Feng's lips curled into a cold smile . "That I will let you off does not mean that I will not be pursuing the matter with Ye Zhiqiu . But now, even I cannot find him and you will surely not tell me too where he is . Hence, he has taken the upper hand for now . "


Knowing that this trial of his was now over, Ye Xingshou knelt down on the ground and made a kowtow, banging his forehead on the ground with a resounding thud . He did not get up for a very long time .

"Alright . Mr . Liu will be letting you go but as the Mayor, it is impossible for me to let you off . ”

This time, Mayor Long had also gotten up . "You can keep your duties as Director for now but should have the organization's most severe punishment and within the next six months, all bonuses will not be paid, and you will be observed for improvements in behaviour . "

In actuality, this punishment was on the lighter side . And one could thus tell that Ye Xingshou was usually very adept at making connections . If not, even as Liu Feng had decided not to press charges against him, he would not have made it through so easily .

"Mr . Liu Feng, can I handle matters like that?" After Mayor Long had made his decision, he sought Liu Feng's opinion ceremonially .

And Liu Feng said, "I've said I will not press charges against him . "

"Alright, thank you Mr . Liu Feng for your magnanimity . "

And then, Mayor Long looked at Vice Governor Duan again . "Governor Duan, Old Ye has worked for several decades in the Police department . And that's why I had not . . . "

"Yes, I know!"

Vice Governor Duan knew the ways of the world and thus he said, "Since Mr . Liu Feng had decided not to hold it against him, he had given him a chance . We are all old colleagues . Moreover, he would be retiring after a few years . I hope that he would be able to cherish his final moments here . Also, this time, as for the matter where Mr . Liu Feng had been framed and sent into prison, I heard that it had had something to do with a dark family . . . "

Ye Xingshou quickly said, "Be rest a.s.sured Governor, defeating the forces of evil has always been the responsibility of the police . The police has collected plenty of evidences of East China Sea's Sun family's crimes . I think that it's time to pull in the net . . . "

And thus, the case of Liu Feng being cast into jail had been roundly concluded .

Vice Governor Duan had long prepared a welcome banquet after receiving Mr . White . And now, he took the chance to extend a formal invitation to Liu Feng and Ai Lin'er .

Ai Lin'er looked at Liu Feng . Everyone who was present had understood that this n.o.ble princess, Ai Lin'er had taken Liu Feng as her lead .

Liu Feng laughed and said, "Ai Lin'er, go and take part in the banquet first . I'm feeling a little tired . And today happens to be a so there is no need to attend . I'm preparing to head back for a very good rest . "

"If you're not going, then I'm not going too . " Ai Lin'er only had eyes for Liu Feng and completely did not care about anyone else . She had declined that suggestion very decisively .

Vice Governor Duan's response was very quick and he immediately went up to say, "Let's have things this way . Let's postpone the banquet till tomorrow and Mr . Liu and Princess Ai Lin'er should be able to grace us with your presence!"

"Tomorrow . . . "

Liu Feng asked in a teasing tone, "Governor Duan, if I were to say that I had something on tomorrow, would you be changing the date to the day after or next week?"

"Ha ha!"

Vice Governor Duan and Mayor Long were both laughing?

"Alright then, I'll just come tomorrow . " Liu Feng had also started laughing .

Ai Lin'er quickly made her response . "If my Boss is joining, then I'll have to accompany him of course . "

And leaving the jail, the other big bosses had all dispersed . However, in the circles of East China Sea's high society, Liu Feng's name had already spread even faster than the plague and his reputation had become unparalleled in a short amount of time .

And precisely because Liu Feng had been thrown into jail, Ai Lin'er appeared, resplendent in her n.o.ble status under the sun and she was invited by Yang Ding to be the Yang family's guest .

But there was also the Big Boss Xu Tingfei, from the military, who was also going to the Yang's residence .

This major general had arrived at the Yang's residence for a full half day . And after having his lunch, he had pulled Liu Feng aside and engaged in a long conversation with him .

And at around two in the noon that day, a youth with an icy cold charisma had boarded the flight that was bound for East China Sea from the capital .

This youth had sat inside the first-cla.s.s cabin, a sinister smile hanging from his lips . He spoke to the two bodyguards beside him . "The Spanish royal family's princess Ai Lin'er has actually arrived in East China Sea! Haha! Just say, do I have the chance to successfully woo this beautiful young princess?"

"Heh, heh! If it were someone else, he would fail, but it shouldn't be a problem for our Master Lan!"

"For our Master Lan is one of the capital's four young masters . And in so many years, which one of the whom Master Lan has taken a liking to had not been conquered by him? I dare say that if Master Lan were to make his move, Princess Ai Lin'er would definitely not be able to escape!"

The two bodyguards said with a face filled with evil laughter . Their flattery had reached extreme levels .


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