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Top Furious Doctor Soldier

Chapter 183: Chapter 183 Are You Killing Me?

But when the three men raised the guns, their sights suddenly dimmed for a moment, and then the guns in their hands went missing.

"I hate people pointing weapons at me, so I decided to turn these things into of metal."

When the three people heard Liu Feng talking, they found that the three guns were already in Liu Feng's hands. At the same time, Liu Feng just stepped back and stood back where he was.

Everyone, including the middle-aged woman, watched Liu Feng's hands rubbing continuously, turning the three guns into unrecognizable parts. The clips, barrels, strikers, and triggers all fell to the ground.


The arrogant middle-aged woman looked at Liu Feng, her eyes full of grievances. "You are... Are you the one who hurt my son Ziqiao?"

"Your son? Who?" Having dismantled the three guns, Liu Feng clapped his hands, unconcerned.

"My son is Jian Ziqiao!"

After saying that, she cast her eyes at Xiao Xi, who was behind Liu Feng. "It must be you. You showed up with this little b.i.t.c.h, you must be Liu Feng."

"You, you are an old b.i.t.c.h. Your son has been repeatedly picking trouble with people, Brother Feng was just defending himself and fighting back." Xiao Xi stretched her neck and retaliated.

"You dissolute b.i.t.c.h, how dare you curse me! You were supposed to marry my son, Jian Ziqiao, but you have hooked up this little hooligan, shame on you..."

"Shut up!"

Liu Feng most despised those who quarreled for no reason, who were apparently arrogant while pretending to be victims. He stepped forward and said to the woman, "Who said Xiao Xi should marry your son? Did Xiao Xi say it herself? Did she agree? You old woman, you like daydreaming?"

"You, you, you... Xiao Xi's parents both agreed."

"Then you can have her parents marry him. Does it have it anything to do with her?"

Liu Feng's words astonished and stifled the middle-aged woman, and then extreme anger began to show on the woman's face.

"Well, I'm not here to reason with you, anyway, I am here today to..."

"Sister, hold your anger."

Just then, a middle-aged man came out of the Cheng's villa.

This guy was taking steady steps and his appearance and facial contours seemed similar to Jane Wei's, who took Cool Plum and Chen Xin in Nanjing to kill Liu Feng.

Additionally, this guy called the middle-aged woman sister, so Liu Feng could basically confirm his ident.i.ty.

"Jian An, why are you stopping me? With so many people on our side, we can't kill this kid?" Jian An's sister yelled like a shrew, "They have already come, are you afraid that they will run? Aren't we making this so big to destroy the Cheng family and avenge my nephew?"

"Yes, revenge must be taken, but there's something we still have to clarify first."

Jian An turned around and made a gesture of "please" toward the villa, and glanced at Liu Feng and the other two. "Please come in if there's anything to say."

"You don't have to be courteous."

Liu Feng took the small hands of Yang s.h.i.+wen and Xiao Xi and walked forward. "This is Xiao Xi's home. I hope you understand this."

A touch of a sullen expression appeared on Jian An's face, but it just flashed and then returned to normal.

Liu Feng and the other two walked past him and the middle-aged woman without even a glance at them.

"Jian An, what on earth are you up to?"

After Liu Feng and the two entered the villa, the middle-aged woman squinted and asked with her head tilted, "Do we have to talk nonsense with them? Now that we have an absolute advantage, we can kill them here, and then deal with the whole Cheng family. Isn't it simple?"

"Sister, you think it's simple."

Jian An said with his hands clasped behind his back, "My brother went to Nanjing with an expert. They ended up missing after the got there. The boy named Liu Feng is definitely not simple. If we can't kill him at one go and let him run, we may get ourselves a lot of trouble. But as long as he enters the Cheng's Villa, he can't really run away."

The middle-aged woman lit up, raised her hand, and patted Jian An on his shoulder. "Brother, you have been cunning since childhood. Now it looks like you really are more thoughtful."

"Sister, don't tease me, let's go in and beat the dogs!"

In the hall of the Cheng's Villa, Xiao Xi's parents were sitting on the corner of the sofa with a melancholic look on their faces. Inside the lobby, a lot of displayed art handicrafts had been smashed.

In the middle of the lobby, there was a large chair of pure padauk. Master Jian, Jian Ziqiao, was sitting in the chair. This young Master Jian now became extremely feminine. His skin looked much smoother than before, and occasionally he raised finger forming an orchid shape like a lady.

"Xiao Xi!"

When Liu Feng came in, Xiao Xi's mother immediately stood up with moisture in her eyes. "Why are you always being so disobedient? Didn't I tell you to find Liu Feng, and run away with him as far as you can? How come you..."

"Mom, I believe that Brother Feng can help us, how could I run away?" Xiao Xi rushed up and hugged her mother, tears bursting like pearls running down from a cut necklace.

Now it was clear. Xiao Xi's mother went out unnoticed and called her to run away, but Xiao Xi made a decision to find Liu Feng for help.

"Auntie, you were just worrying too much."

Liu Feng came forward and said with a smile, "It's not like the sky is falling. Is it necessary for me to take Xiao Xi to run away?"

"Yes, Auntie, there is trouble in your family, and our family can't just look on!" Yang s.h.i.+wen also came forward and took the hands of Xiao Xi's mother.


Xiao Aunt sighed heavily. "But they have too many people, and n.o.body knows what method they used, we called the police but didn't get any response. Anyway, we have no choice!"

"Right, you have no choice."

Jian Ziqiao, who had been sitting in the chair, suddenly said, "The moment we arrived at the Cheng family, we affixed signal s.h.i.+elding devices all around. You old woman, you called Xiao Xi in the morning, you really thought we didn't know? I arranged for my people to turn off the s.h.i.+elding so that you could make that phone call. If you couldn't contact your daughter, how could you bring her and her husband here?"

Jian Ziqiao suddenly stood up. At this moment, he was like a winner-to-be, and when he spoke, his eyes swept over Liu Feng and Xiao Xi with ridicule and hatred.

"Son, now everyone is here, the pain they caused you will be repaid with their lives." The middle-aged women and Jian An also came in at this time. Master Jian's mother had a mouth full of violence, no wonder her son was so rampant.

"Then kill them."

Jian Ziqiao gnashed his teeth and said, "They've turned me into a waste of a man, I will turn them all to dead men..."


Jian Ziqiao had not finished his words when Liu Feng arrived in front of him. A big, size 43 foot suffocated his face.

"Ah... Ouch!"

The young Master Jian's whole face was kicked in, sunken, and his body pounded straight on the floor, and the guy almost broke his vocal cords screaming.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you dare beat my son, I will... Ouch!"

Master Jian's mother rushed over angrily to grab Liu Feng, but was kicked in the crotch by Yang s.h.i.+wen's little foot.

Although the fatal weakness of a woman is not there, being firmly kicked here by a master of the level of Mingjin, she would not feel any better unless she was dead.

At this moment, the shrew's eyes stared wide open like a bean bun, then she squatted down onto the floor with her hands covering her crotch.

Seeing Liu Feng's and Yang s.h.i.+wen's actions, Xiao Xi's parents opened their mouths at the same time, not knowing what to say.

If it was only Liu Feng who was doughty, Xiao Xi's parents could understand, but Yang s.h.i.+wen, the lady, they could not! The Cheng family and the Yang family had been close, it could be said the couple had watched Yang s.h.i.+wen grow up. They never knew that Yang s.h.i.+wen could do kung fu.

At this time, Master Jian, who was beaten to the ground by Liu Feng's foot, suddenly yelled out, "You son of a b.i.t.c.h, pile of waste, didn't you see me and my mother both being beaten? Go get them together and kill them."

Hearing the order from Master Jian, the men in black inside and outside the villa charged at Liu Feng and the others at the same time.

"Wait! Why are you in a hurry again?"

Jian An suddenly waved his hand, stopped everyone, and then stared at Liu Feng, and asked, "Kid, my brother Jian Wei invited an expert to Nanjing to find you, where is he now?"

Liu Feng said with a smile, "Old boy, if I tell you that he is dead, what will you do?"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you killed my old Jian, don't wait any longer, kill him." Master Jian's mother was still squatting on the floor covering her crotch, completely crazy at this time.

After receiving the order of this crazy woman, a large group of men in black quickly entered the hall and rushed at Liu Feng and the others.

"If you don't play with fire, you won't get burned. Since you have to do it, don't blame me for being rude." After saying this, Liu Feng turned and gave out a tornado kick, his foot slapped on the grim face of Master Jian's mother like a whip. The old women blacked out directly.

Liu Feng's move was like a command of attack.

Around the villa hall, all the gla.s.s windows were smashed, through which vigorous figures pounced in one after another.

There were not too many of them, but the overall quality was many times higher than that of those brought here by the Jian family. They each had a one-meter-long steel pipe in their hands, and they silently went in front of Liu Feng and his companions. When the two groups contacted, the men in black were beaten to the ground.

The steel pipes flew up and down, and the screams and sounds of bones being broken filled the hall. This was not a contest of equals. There were no more than 10 people in front of Liu Feng, but they formed a human-grinding wall. Whoever hit it would have to be flipped over by steel pipes.

Liu Feng looked at it for a while, then he turned back with a smile and walked over to Jian Ziqiao. "Master Jian, we meet again. Last time you lost your, but you have such a poor memory that you've come at me again. Why don't you cherish your life?"

"Liu Feng, I have a lot of people. Our Jian family brought a lot of people from the south. They are all gangsters on the southern tea road. If you dare to move me, you will die very ugly." Jian Ziqiao yelled loudly, but was obviously inwardly weak.

"No use bragging to me, I don't want to bother to talk nonsense with you. Now I'll only ask you a question..."

Liu Feng lifted his index finger and asked seriously, "If I fall into your hands today, are you going to kill me?"


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