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The Villain's Sister Suffers Today

Chapter 4: Chapter 4

Reminder: This is a MTL (Machine Translation), it may not be accurate. Thank you for reading.

It's said that if a person is placed in a reality that they can't accept, accidents happen.

That's happening to me.


I let go of the paper and stood still like a rock. My brother called out to me again. I didn't answer and just muttered to myself.



“How'd she die?”

She's the main character.

Agrita is the main character. The main character, the protagonist, the heroine, and the central character of this world!

Everything in this world is designed for her. And in that very world, she dies?

‘This is a dream.'

I pinched my cheek. It hurt.

‘That's ridiculous.'

I was so dumbfounded that I couldn't think properly. Maybe there was someone else with the same name, but I quickly admitted that, that thought was only to escape reality. The paper listed her as the eldest daughter of the Grace family.

“What are you talking about?”

My brother narrowed his eyes at me in a state of panic.

I looked up at my brother. The very villain who had sent the heroine to the next world was in front of me. For a moment a curse was about to come out of my throat.

‘You're crazy.'

This is a real, crazy, insane child.

'Killing the heroine? Are you crazy? Insane? Kill somebody else, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!'

But I managed to put up with it. I managed to persevere without yelling out the vulgar words I wanted to say to him in front of his face.

My life isn't over yet.

At first glance, my future seemed to be over because of the heroine's death, but in fact, I had one option left. I ran up to my room, ignoring my brother, who was asking question after question.

Ignoring an adult younger brother was an inevitable task.

I locked the door as soon as I entered the room. I made sure no one could come in and went to my desk. I opened the bottom drawer of the desk, and unlocked a secret s.p.a.ce inside by pus.h.i.+ng a b.u.t.ton somewhere. Then I took a small box out of it.

My heart hurts.

'I'm going to have to use it like this.'

A few years ago, I made every effort to live after learning that this world was in a book and that my intended end was miserable.

This was one of them.

I was filled with complex emotions when looking down at the platinum square box.

‘Agrita was supposed to have this…'

This world originally had three G.o.ds.

The G.o.d of destruction, the G.o.d of love, and the G.o.d of time.

There was a temple dedicated to each of the G.o.ds. However, about a dozen years ago, they were all shut down.

'When the full moon s.h.i.+nes the brightest on the lowest point of the earth, a new woman will appear to look after everything.'

Opinions were divided over the contents of that phrase.

The question was, what did it mean? Many scholars observed the weather conditions to find out what time the brightest full moon would rise, saying that it was necessary.

But they were wrong.

The full moon in that phrase had nothing to do with the actual moon, but it was like another way of referring to the crown prince, who was The Sun.

The crown prince, who went on a spree to grasp the people's hearts, happened to come across the heroine Agrita, trying to help a poor child in a cold, secluded alley.

It was because of the phrase mentioned earlier that, Agrita, who was a princess at that time, rose up to become the Empress. When Agrita became the empress, she began to be revered by the people as a great woman for her series of good deeds.

Scholars went to the temples to learn the truth. In any case, the temples didn't contain anything that lead to the truth.

So they made a temple bead dedicated to the G.o.d of Time.

'It was made for her.'

I swallowed my dry saliva down.

'If I break one, the day will go back.'

The temple spent ten years making thirty beads. It was worth it.

This isn't a science fiction genre, how is it even possible?

It took ten years to make it.

‘One day's enough.'

Of the thirty beads, all I had were fifteen. Half of them weren't here. I knew where the beads were and where to store them, from the book. It was not as hard as I imagined.

I think this is the right thing to do.

Of course, if the temple finds out, they'll kill me.

‘But as a result, I can save her…'

I'm going to use this to bring back the heroine. There's no other choice. This is the only way you can bring a dead person back to life. Suddenly, my eyelashes trembled.

‘It's shocking once I think about it again.'

How, how could you kill the heroine?

‘I want to yell at him! Seriously!'

I was filled with anger. I wouldn't have to use this bead if it weren't for my brother. It was like my extra life. The beads were originally intended to be used after fleeing here. Like an insurance plan.

It's impossible to know what will happen in a foreign country, so if my life was in danger, I could use it.

I took out a bead and held it in my hand.

The process of doing so was frustratingly slow.

‘I have to wake up. I have to. Agrita needs to be alive.'

I clenched my teeth and raised my hand. Then I stopped.


The day goes back immediately after breaking the bead.

If I was going to go back anyways… Could I…?

I jumped up.

I only thought of one thing. I opened the door with the bead in my hand and ran down the stairs. My brother was still in the same spot. I could see the servant to his right sweating a lot.

I raised my voice against him after a very long time.


My brother's gaze moved on to me. Jewel-like, yellow-eyes, looked straight at me. I could feel the texture of the bead in the palm of my hand.

I cried out with all my heart, as the day would reset anyways.

“You crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Life's easy because it's not that time of the night yet, right? It's pitiful, so stop living that way!”

Then I threw the beads down as hard as I could.


“Miss Lydia?”

“Oh, huh?”

I've just come back to my senses.

I looked back, answering a second late, and saw Bessie holding a brush in her hands.

“Here's the brush you asked for. The weather looks like it's getting colder.”

I blinked. I foolishly wondered why she was in front of me, and then turned back around.

‘Am I back?'

I looked around. There were no escorts, no servants, and there wasn't a staircase.

The place where I'm standing is the balcony of my room.

As soon as I recognized the location, the open air felt cool. I took the brush that Bessie handed to me, and proceeded to comb my hair.

‘When is it now?'

I faintly remember this situation.

I went out to the balcony and looked outside, suddenly I felt cold, and asked Bessie to bring me an autumn brush.

It was something that happened yesterday.

“I'm back!”

The day actually went back.

“Miss? Are you all right?”

“Uh huh.”

When I flopped down on a nearby chair, Bessie looked at me in amazement. I rea.s.sured her by saying that I was okay. For a moment, I felt my leg muscles relax. Was it because I time traveled? I suddenly lost my strength to stand.

“…Bessie, I'd like to be alone for a while.”

“Oh, yes. Miss, if you need anything, call me anytime.”

As if completely unconcerned, Bessie looked at me again and soon left the room. As soon as I saw the door close, I buried my face with both of my hands.


I really came back. And what I did before I came back in time was very vividly in my mind.

“How'd I get all that spirt?"

It was the first time in a thousand years that I had cursed at my younger brother.

Ever since I found out that there was no common sense or moral in my grown-up future brother, I cared about every word I said in front of him.



That was impossible.


I was still in a daze about how courageous I was.

‘It's cool.'

I thought with my palm on my face. Yes, that's right. I was cool. Honestly, it was nice.

I felt so relieved. I felt like I was being rewarded as soon as I put all of my heart into my voice and swore sincerely.

‘I did a good job.'

I felt a little proud. Looking back, I was really good at that. The time went back anyway. What I've done has become unknown to anyone else.

Oh, it feels so good to have no regrets. It's the best.

“Oh yeah, the beads.”

I looked down at my hand casually. The bead I had held on to like a lifeline was nowhere to be seen. I pulled myself up to go to the desk. I opened the secret s.p.a.ce, took the box out of it, and counted the number of beads in it.

‘… Fourteen.'

One less. Fifteen minus the one. That was the right number.


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