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The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter

Chapter 56: Chapter 56

Translator: "Kell" Editor: "Weasalopes"

Since then, I spent most of my days running around storing up LP. That included eating more bizarre foods and some loving from Emma, Lunsan, Laursan, Alice, Marisan, and Elnsensei. To my surprise, I now had over 10,000 LP!

Even after learning【Courage】, I still had over 9,000 left which was great.

The only problem now was the【Dragon Slayer】skill. There was only five days left before the deadline. We had to go fight it soon. That way, even if we couldn't retrieve a dragon fang, we'd still have time to hunt for the other materials.

Tomorrow was a day-off so we were finally going to hunt the dragon. The three of us went to the guild to formally accept the quest from Laursan.

While I was out storing up LP, Emma and Lunsan went around gathering information, even some crucial ones.

「According to an adventurer who encountered it and made it back safely, lightning is effective against it. And it seems to really hate humans. When it sees one, it kills them no questions asked.」Emma said.

「One of the people I was healing said that even though it's a dragon it mostly stays on land. Its wings are too small to support its weight so it doesn't fly much. 」Luna added.

Weak against lightning, hates humans, and moves primarily using its legs. We could now devise a plan with all this useful information. First up was the lightning. Between us three, is there any other lightning-based skills besides my【Purple Lightning】?

To be honest, I felt it wasn't enough. I was thinking we needed to get something more powerful, but with Emma's words, I changed my mind.

「Hey, maybe we could try laying a trap.」Emma said.

「That's an idea.」

Attacking wasn't the only option. For example, I could use the skill【Electrification】on something and utilize that. Master said its effectiveness depends on the materials I used it on. Most stuff would easily break down. Which means we have to choose properly which material to use the skill on.

「It'll chase us if we run…」

「It's small for a dragon. What about a pitfall trap?」Luna asked.

「Hmm, yes.」

「You have an excavation skill, Noir!」Emma exclaimed.

「Just leave the digging to me.」Noir said.

We proceeded from brainstorming to laying out a more detailed plan. As they say, two heads are better than one. Three, then, would be even better. After a while, we just about finished making the whole plan. The only thing left now was the【Dragon Slayer】skill.

「About the weapon… would a sword or a dagger work?」

「Hmm… I kinda doubt it.」Emma said.

「Unless you're competent, it would be better to use a longsword, spear, hammer, or an axe for close combat.」Luna added.

I wasn't good with a sword so I'd be going for a spear. We headed to a weapon shop to look for a durable one. After finding one, I bought it. As I was about to imbue it with the【Dragon Slayer】skill, I hesitated. Should I go for a Rank C or a Rank B?

「Either I attack with the spear while you two use magic and guns, or all three of us get spears imbued with the skill. Which one do you think is better?」

For the former, I would choose rank B which would cost me 5,000 LP. For the latter, I'd go for the rank C for all three of us which would cost 6,000 LP. Plus there was still the LP required for me to imbue the skill on our weapons. I would like to have some extra left for the trap and for contingency reasons.

「Spears I think would be good if we were to charge at it after it falls into the trap. I choose the latter.」

「Me too! Let's cheese our way to victory!」

And so we went for the latter option. We bought three spears with long handles then I imbued them with a rank C【Dragon Slayer】 skill. The amount of LP required to imbue it depended on the type of weapon. Creation and imbuing included, I used up around 7,500 LP.

We were now mostly done with the preparations.

「Let us work together tomorrow towards victory.」Noir said.

「Let's do our best! By the way, are we going there on Toramaru?」Emma asked.

「Actually, my family needs him as their ride tomorrow.」

「I'll get a carriage that can leave first thing in the morning, then. One of the healers is an expert on the matter.」Luna said.

「Thanks. That would be great.」

It seemed we'd have no problems with transportation. After parting with them, I went around some food stores in town, mostly looking for fruits and meat. As I was paying for them, I overheard a conversation from a group of boys on my side.

「This is bad, man. I could feel something growing inside me! I might have been a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t all along!」a guy said.

He told his friends how he was surprisingly aroused when he asked her girlfriend to step on him and abuse him verbally. Basically an obscene topic.

That night, I sat on my bed, contemplating. I'm worried about my LP. There's only 1,500 left for the battle tomorrow.

*knock knock*

I realized I was knocking on Alice's door.

「What's wrong?」

「Do you have a minute?」

「Come in.」

I stepped into her room, shutting the door behind me. She c.o.c.ked her head to the side, perplexed, then I told her something completely outrageous.

「Can you step on me?」

「Step… on you?」

「I want you to step on me. Not because it's my fetish or anything. I need it to get stronger.」

I was prepared for her to say something like "Gross! You're crazy!", but she simply smiled gently.

「I understand. I'm always ready.」

「I lied down on my back. I glanced at Alice long legs. She was wearing pajamas.」

「Where do you want me to step on you?」

「Let's try the stomach first.」

「Excuse me, then.」

She stroked my stomach with her toes. She was too gentle so I asked her to not hold back. I felt immense pressure on my belly.

「Next, my chest.」

I had a bit of trouble breathing from the pressure. She noticed that and relaxed a bit.

「That won't do, Alice. You must think of me as your sworn enemy.」


I was breathing wildly, puffing and panting. I checked my LP but got nothing. d.a.m.n it! It's never easy.

「Step on my face next!」

My cheeks were being squished under her feet. It hurt a bit, but I was certain that the pain was necessary.

「Insult… me.」

「I can't.」

「You can do it. I know you can!」

「…Don't you feel ashamed asking your sister to do this to you?」


「This''ll be our little secret. I can't possibly tell anyone that my brother enjoys being stepped on by her little sister…」


She's moving to my forehead!

「Any last words?」

「Why do your feet smell good? I don't understand!」

「I always take good care of them, in case of something like this.」

「d.a.m.n, you really thought things through!」

I would've definitely been put off if her feet smelled bad. Thank G.o.d for Alice and her paying delicate attention to things.

I got what I wanted. My LP went up to just over 2,000 which raised a very curious question — should I be happy or sad about it?

The next morning, we met up and left on a carriage. Inside, we hugged each other as some sort of a greeting and I got more LP.

It was already afternoon when we arrived at the foot of Treasure Mountain. We told the driver to wait for us then headed to the soldiers at the entrance. There were only two of them standing guard. The rest seemed to be resting at a nearby cabin.

「Who are you?」

「We want to get into the mountain.」

We presented our IDs, showing that we had the qualifications necessary to enter. They asked about our purpose so I just straight-up told them that we were going to slay a dragon. Then they burst out in laughter.

「You may be members of Odin, but you're only C ranks. Plus you're too young. Nice joke, though.」

「We can beat it.」

He changed to a formal att.i.tude, realizing that we weren't kidding after seeing the looks on our faces.

「I see you're serious. Then let me explain a few things. We're not obliged to lend you a hand if you ask for help. We will prioritize our job here, which is to stand watch. Next, you can't take anything from this mountain with you except for the materials you get from monsters. Lastly, you have to be back by evening.」

「Roger that.」

「Good luck.」

We nodded and began our climb to the mountain with synchronized steps.


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