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The Emperor Reigns Them All

Chapter 68: Chapter 67 The Assassination (2)

After killing all 3000 of stone drakes in the 1st train , Leo witnessed the train shrink back to the size it was before . This meant that they had cleared the train of all monsters and were free to go to the next train . Leo kicked off the ground as he opened his wings and glided across the train as he rareLy flapped his wings .

' I would shadow sneak , but I would rather preserve my Mana in a dungeon .' He thought as he glided all the way to Leah and closed his wings . He squatted on the ground as his feet left skidmarks behind him .

He stood up by pus.h.i.+ng his body up with his hand . He looked at Leah as he said with a shrug " What ? I'm still in practice ."

Leah giggled and said " This side of the train was burst open by a rhino like animal as soon as the train shrink back ." as she pointed at the other end of the train .

Leah had walked quite a distance from the end of the train , so either all the monsters came to her or she reached the end , killed all the monsters and was coming back to him . ' These are the only reason I can think of .' He thought as he looked at Leah .

His face paled as he quickly touched her shoulder " You got hurt ?" He said as he picked up his hand only to see it covered in blood .

Leah was currently wearing a cardigan that she was not wearing when they entered and her clothes seemed to have changed too . Leo looked her from up to down , and realized she thought he could never discover the blood on her body . " Why do you want to hide it if you got hurt ? What if it was poisonous or something ?" Leo said as he tightened his hold around her shoulder .

" Brother . It hurts ." Leah said as she tried to remove his hand from her shoulder .

Leo looked at her for a while , then sighed " You are stronger than me , so why would you even need my help . Just be careful ."

Leah shuddered as she looked at her brother with wide open eyes . Leo just shook his head and said " I knew ever since the beginning . I just didn't want to bring it up ."

Leo just looked back in the front and smiled as he continued on the way without even looking back . Leah stood at the spot dumbfounded for a while , but after a few seconds , ran up to him and followed him without daring to utter a word .

The 2nd train , like the first one , had 3000 monsters . They were all terra rhinos at the peak of Middle-Intermediate tier .

Leo spoke nothing after the weird teleportation either and ran at a speed that he knew Leah could follow .

Even he didn't know why he did not just use his wings or accelerate at a higher speed than before , perhaps it was just his instinct . He directly jumped on top of a rhino and punched it's head repeatedly with his claws .

Bang ! Bang ! Bang !

Each punch resounded through the quiet train with no other voice . The lizards released a weird hissing sound , but these rhinos made no sound whatsoever . When these rhinos roared , only the sound of wind came out of their mouths .

' No voice box .' He thought as he jumped onto the next one . He once again repeated his routine of breaking the heads of these 4 feeted monsters .

' No blood either .' He thought as his eyes caught sight of the last rhino .

Leah finally moved , as she moved past Leo and directly released icicles through her hands , which froze over the beasts and then she simply touched them as they broke into pieces .

' 8 punches is all it takes . 4 punches on the exact location on both sides .' He thought as he jumped off of the broken statue . ' These things could ma.s.sacre cities when they went on a rampage . When they are alone , however ... it's a completely different story .'

He looked in the way where he had to look for the next monster , but he was stunned by the scene he saw . ' She IS stronger .'

There were way too many rhinos in front of him , but there was one difference , they were all frozen . ' But that doesn't mean she isn't careless . All of these are alive .' He thought as he touched a rhino and burned the ice over it . But , contrary to his thoughts , the whole rhino turned into water as it slowly boiled on the ground .

He looked at the scene blind eyed and after a while , asked in his mind ' Will this count as killing ?'

[ As long as the organism's life functions cease due to an attack you launched , it counts as killing ]

' I don't need you to worry about me .' He looked at the frozen rhinos as he shouted in his heart . ' Luna , I guess you were right . I do need you .'

He raised his arm in front of him and caught the handle of the scythe which fell out of nowhere . ' As you wish , my master .' He heard a giggle in his mind as his wings opened behind him and his claws appeared and held onto the scythe tighter .

He kicked off the ground and flew through the air and swung his scythe around to directly cut off the heads of those frozen rhinos , which gradually became real live rhinos . His hands moved faster as his thoughts ran in chaos ' If someone is going to be looked after , it's you !'

[All attributes increased by 6.71]

[User Leo's attributes :

' upper - intermediate tier , like I imagined , somewhere in the middle of it .' He thought as he looked at the alert in front of his eyes .

He sat down against a wall of the train and looked back towards the way he came ' Was I too rough ?' He thought to himself as he smiled ' They aren't even my feelings ... What am I even doing ?' He asked himself and simply sat against the wall as he waited for Leah ' She'd probably be angry .'

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