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Step On The Star

Chapter 10: Chapter 5.2 - Cultivation

Chapter 5.2: Cultivation

“Savage?” Zhou Shan sneered, he looked up at the s.p.a.ce. “Looks like Earth won't be at peace for long. There were just 10 s.h.i.+ps landing. That means there are 10 aliens. I didn't expect the day of contact to arrive so soon.”

Lu Yin looked at Zhou Shan. He didn't seem surprised at all.

“Reporting to the Sage of Punishment, the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p is about to be transported back to Jinling for a.n.a.lysis. The alien has his heart broken and died. According to our surveillance, he should have weapons, but we couldn't find anything in our surroundings.” The bespectacled woman reported to Zhou Shan.

When Lu Yin was searching for the body of Yatta, he had already destroyed the battleground. They couldn't even restore it back to its original state.

Zhou Shan looked at Lu Yin. “Little brother, the things on the aliens are helpful for research, can you hand it over? Don't worry, I'll return it to you after the research is finished.”

Lu Yin muttered to himself for a moment before drawing his short saber. “This is his weapon, I didn't take anything else.” Saying this, Lu Yin intentionally tore open his s.h.i.+rt, showing it to Zhou Shan and the others.

All of his belongings were stored in the spatial ring, and the spatial ring was not something Zhou Shan and the others could recognize. They also could not imagine him having a spatial ring, so they did not care.

Zhou Shan took over the dagger and casually waved it, slicing across the ground. “So sharp, this material really does not come from Earth.”

Seeing that he really has nothing on him, Zhou Shan walked forward and patted Lu Yin's shoulder, praising, “Not only can you kill the alien, you can even beat Snow Lady Zhao Yu. Little brother, you're not bad, what's your name? Do you have any interest in joining the torture camp? How about becoming a captain?”

Zhou Shan may seem calm, but the suspicion towards him was definitely not lifted. Not just him, everyone would be wondering if he was hiding something from the aliens and would not let him leave. In this case, he might as well agree and avoid any conflicts.

If he wasn't too careless, he wouldn't be killed. Lu Yin was sure that the same method wouldn't work on Zhou Shan, not to mention there were so many evolved people around. Just Zhao Yu alone was already very strong.

On the other side, Zhao Yu frowned and said to Zhou Shan, “I can't contact Luo Sheng. All communication lines were cut off the moment the aliens arrived.”

Zhou Shan nodded and replied seriously, “The descent of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p destroyed all communication lines. I will send people to repair them as soon as possible. Don't worry, even if aliens appear in the Northeast Holy Blue Battalion Camp, Luo Sheng is very strong.”

Zhao Yu nodded silently.

The research on the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p was not done overnight. Fortunately, the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p was not big and the army managed to transport it back to Jinling.

As for Lu Yin, he was authorized to live in Zhong Shan and become the fourteenth commander of the punishment camp.

The camp had eighty thousand soldiers, but he was only a commander. He didn't have an army under his command, so Lu Yin didn't care too much about it. Right now, what he wanted to do the most was to reform his body and become a true cultivator.

At the peak of Mount Bell, Zhou Shan looked to the south. Behind him, the bespectacled woman arrived. “Punishment Saint, the surrounding area of Sky Cavern has been thoroughly investigated. Nothing has been hidden. That person is not lying.”

Zhou Shan sighed. “Alright, you may leave.”

“There's something we need to report. We discovered that traces of battle around the Sky Cavern were concealed. This Lu Yin might not be as simple as he looks on the surface. He might be very strong.” The bespectacled woman solemnly said.

Zhou Shan laughe., “I know, his right palm and leg are both injured, and he could defeat the alien in that situation. His true power is above Earth Realm, otherwise, he wouldn't be able to kill the aliens. Besides, he doesn't seem to have absorbed energy crystals, so this person is very interesting.”

“Do we need to monitor him thoroughly?” The bespectacled woman asked.

Zhou Shan shook his head. “There's no need. Humans should try their best to be united at this time. Moreover, so what if he hides his strength? A mere Earth Realm Expert is not enough to overturn the heavens.”


Ten minutes later, Lu Yin opened his eyes with a clear and bright gaze. He took out the body sculpting technique from his spatial ring, and with a fiery gaze, bit down on his forefinger. Blood gushed out and Lu Yin pressed the body sculpting technique on his injured forefinger. Instantly, the body sculpting technique slowly merged with the tip of his finger and quickly disappeared.

Lu Yin waited expectantly. However, a moment later, an intense pain spread from the tip of his finger to his entire body.

His eyes turned sharp as he endured the pain and clenched his teeth.

All the cells in his body were recombining. The surface of his body was pulsing and he felt as if his entire body was being roasted by fire--crushed by an invisible hand. This was the power of a peerless expert. All of the body sculpting techniques were created by the hands of a peerless expert. At this moment, Lu Yin truly felt the greatness of this power.


Lu Yin spat out a mouthful of blood. His eyes grew brighter as he stared at the void. Countless impurities were expelled from his body, then burned by the energy, causing the air around him to distort.


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