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Picked Up A Demon King To Be A Maid

Chapter 136: Chapter 101

Winterless City


The news of the new Saint hasn't been made public yet, and the people of Winterless City continued their regular lives undisturbed. The bustling marketplace was filled with peddlers selling their wares, eagerly marketing towards the pa.s.serby, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with enthusiasm.

“Take a look, a huge sweet potato that has just been freshly dug up! A natural pure green, absolutely healthy, no magical additives, buy one pound and get one free!”

People selling sweet potatoes, people selling vegetables, there were people selling all kinds of things at the marketplace. Winterless City was deserving of the name of the capital of Lombard Kingdom, trade was extremely developed, even a marketplace selling food was so lively.

Most of the people that came to the marketplace were older people, and also a lot of housewives. They carried a basket, and carefully selected fresh vegetables from different vendors, they compared prices and thought about how they could make the most delicious and sumptuous dinner for their husbands and kids using the least amount of money.

And within this marketplace, there was a beautiful young woman that clearly did not fit in with the surroundings.

She wore a dark brown long coat and an ordinary square hat, she held a basket and walked through the raw meat section of the marketplace.

But that was just facade,

If you looked at her carefully, you would be attracted by her provocative body hidden underneath the long coat, her perky b.u.t.t, and her plump bosom… are there any housewives as enchanting as her? Who can marry such a s.e.xy wife?

Seeing her get closer, the meat peddlers starting yelling even louder!

“Don't miss out, fresh black pork… Hey beautiful, look at how good this pork is! Do you want one?” The peddler enthusiastically pushed his products to this young wife, but when he saw her appearance clearly, he was stunned.

He has never seen such a beautiful woman.

Silver haired and red eyes?

That's right, this wife was Lin Xiao's obedient maid, Elena, and she was currently shopping for ingredients to make tonight's dinner.

“Sigh, what should I buy?” Seeing all the different types of raw meat, Elena furrowed her brows and started thinking.

After obtaining Lin Xiao's magic crystal, she didn't have to follow Lin Xiao around all day, and could come out alone. So, she specially procured a set of normal peasant clothes to better hide her worthy figure and appearance, that way she could avoid unnecessary annoyances.

However, buying stuff was still rather difficult for her.

“Hey beautiful, do you not like pork?” Seeing her hesitate, the peddler thought she wasn't satisfied and so he continued to sell to her.

Although she was indeed very beautiful, rather than admiring her beauty, the peddler hoped that she would buy his goods.

Also, since she was a beauty, her husband must be very powerful, so she must be rich! Beautiful rich women were the favorite customers of merchants.

“It's okay if you don't like pork, how about a goat leg! Look, this is high-quality mutton! Fatty and fragrant, it's just been butchered, look, it's still bleeding! Buy this and roast it for your husband, he would love it for sure!”

“Roast goat leg? It sounds pretty good…” Elena was persuaded by the peddler's clever and eloquent words.

Thinking of that oily, fragrant roast goat leg, she could feel her appet.i.te rising, after all, demons had no resistance against meat. Although it was slightly more expensive, she could still afford it, though she would be rebuked by Lin Xiao for wasting money after she gets back.

Though… Hmph, I'm kind enough to help him buy mutton, how could he rebuke me? I'm already giving him enough face by helping him cook dinner, he should be thanking me!

Thinking of that, Elena didn't hesitate anymore. She felt her pockets, found the silver coin that Lin Xiao gave her earlier, and was about to buy a goat leg home to roast. The peddler saw her fis.h.i.+ng out her money, broke into a smile, and reached out his hand to accept the silver coin.

But at the last second, Elena suddenly stopped.

She suddenly thought about what the peddler said to her earlier, there were a few words that weren't quite right in what he said earlier.

“You just said… buy this for my husband?” Elena asked with surprise.

Her husband? Who was her husband? How does she have a husband!

“That's right! Your husband!” The peddler still didn't notice his mistake, he continued flattering her with a smile, “You're so beautiful, so your husband must be a powerful man, right? You also married early, right? Look, your b.r.e.a.s.t.s are also so abundant… your kid must be able to eat to full every day, right! What a good mom!”


Hearing that last sentence, Elena had an urge to murder someone.

“Hey, who did you say was a good mom? Who's already married? Don't talk nonsense, I don't have a husband! Neither do I have a kid! I-I… I'm also not breastfeeding!”

Elena had a red face and sternly refuted, she endured her urge tosmash the stall, turned and left.

She wasn't buying the meat! She wasn't making dinner! She's going home, that pervert Lin Xiao can starve to death for all she cares!

“Eh? D-don't leave! Are you not buying the goat leg?”

The peddler was stupefied, he didn't understand what he said that made her so angry, he clearly said things that were supposed to be pleasant to hear.

As for not being married… how could that be possible, if she wasn't married, why would such a beautiful woman come shopping for food, or could she actually be a maid?

“Hey, if you don't want mutton, there's still beef. It's all high quality, we can discuss the price!”


She ignored the peddler's shots, and restrained her murderous intent, lowered her head and slipped away.

What kind of joke was that? Buying meat for my husband? Using my big chest to feed my child? Does that peddler even know how to speak! Peh!

Who's her husband? Lin Xiao? Peh!

Who's her child? She was still a virgin, how could she breastfeed? Peh!

Elena was about to explode in anger.

She finally realized that she was fooled by Lin Xiao again.

Originally, after she regained her freedom, she planned to investigate about Elona, but afterward, Lin Xiao seized the opportunity to make her go shopping for groceries, to be called by the glorified name of “Ident.i.ty Concealment”.

“Elena, listen to me. It's too dangerous for you to go outside alone. You're so beautiful and have such a nice figure, what if you meet someone bad? So you have to disguise yourself… a wife buying groceries, this ident.i.ty is the best disguise!”

At that time, Lin Xiao pointed out a path for her very seriously.

“Very few people would get ideas with a wife buying groceries, this way, even if you're alone, you won't encounter any trouble… oh right, carry this basket, the change your clothes, then it'll be even more perfect!”

After Elena took off her maid clothes and wore the peasant's clothing, Lin Xiao gave her a lot of silver coins.

“Take the money and go buy some vegetables and meat, there's no more ingredients left at home. You also better make dinner today as well, although your cooking is pretty bad… Hey, why are you looking at me like that? I didn't even think about ordering you around and helping me buy groceries… No, no, absolutely not, I'm helping you conceal your ident.i.ty! Elena, believe me!”

You can't help but say that Lin Xiao's acting skills are great, his expression was sincere and his tone was natural, his logic also made sense. Elena even believed him at the start and naively thought that he did it for her good.

Indeed, after Elena disguised herself as a wife, she never really encountered any trouble, so she continued to listen to Lin Xiao's suggestion, and she would go out every day to help Lin Xiao buy delicious things. After a while, she started to get into the rhythm of buying groceries and cooking.

But now, she suddenly realized that Lin Xiao was tricking her!

She was tricked!

“d.a.m.n it… how dare he trick me!” Elena felt her intelligence getting insulted.

Before she had the magic crystal, she only needed to stay at home and do some clean up and some odd jobs here and there, but now with the crystal, she was responsible for going out and buying groceries as well, she clearly fell into Lin Xiao's trap!

The magic crystal she obtained by using her fresh blood and dignity, the freedom she obtained wasn't for helping that pervert buy food and cook!

“Hmph… you want me to cook? Alright, wait to be salted to death tonight!” Elena intended to use the entire can of salt when cooking tonight, and make that d.a.m.n pervert suffer!

Anyways, it wasn't her first time doing something like that, it's not her fault she‘s not good at cooking, she'll make Lin Xiao speechless!

Just as Elena was thinking about the beautiful scene of making that d.a.m.n pervert suffer, she noticed a man blocking her path in front of her.

This small alley was a road she had to take to get home, Lin Xiao also beat up those three brothers near her, for the same reason, if someone wanted trouble, they could meet her by waiting here.

“Fifth level warrior?”

Elena's magic power detection radar notified her.

She raised her head and noticed that it was a young man, he wasn't too tall and wasn't too muscular, his looks were also so-so, only his dark skin stood out, but… that was a genuine fifth level warrior.

Fifth level warrior was not something you could see anywhere in Winterless City. He was also so young, he looked around the same age as Lin Xiao, his strength was out of the ordinary!

Why was such a young and strong male blocking the entrance of the alleyway? Also, judging from his expression, he was aiming for her!

Elena was annoyed.

She thought that she could avoid trouble by disguising herself, but it still happened!

What should she do?

This was different than last time, no one could help her, this time Lin Xiao was definitively snoring at home, she could only depend on herself!

Elena suddenly remembered the self-preservation method Lin Xiao taught her before she left. When she encounters trouble, she should rip open her collar a bit, then run into a place with a lot of people and yell “s.e.xual hara.s.sment”, that way she can be saved!

“d.a.m.n… how annoying.”

Although she didn't know whether that method would work, she might as well try!

As Elena was nervously preparing, she didn't notice that there was a black haired youth that had been following her the entire time and worryingly staring at her.


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