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Mystical Journey

Chapter 1142: 1140 Sublimation 2

There was no direction and no distance in the endless white s.p.a.ce. Only the voice of the rose that was gradually getting softer behind could be used as a guide so he knew he was indeed moving forward and not walking on the same spot.

He walked and walked... Not knowing how long it had been, Garen himself almost forgot about time and was just walking unconsciously as such.

He knew that at this moment, he should be asleep and was probably now in a dream.

The Ancient Endor civilization and Void Creatures both had the ability to control dreams. Although he was now being distorted and confined, this kind of essence seemed to be more advanced than the two other concepts and so he was still able to control the dream.


He said to himself.

However, the surrounding s.p.a.ce was still white and there was no response. Clearly, this was not a disguise, but the dream itself was white.

He had not encountered this kind of uncontrolled dream for an extremely long time.

Many of the things which appeared in dreams were irrational and there was no logical reason for them. However, some things suggested a certain kind of wonderful essence.

Garen did not know why he dreamed as such, but he was slightly curious. According to logic, as a master of controlling dreams, the ident.i.ty of Ancient Endor civilization and the Void Creature, h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k, would not enter into a dream involuntary. There must be something which was subconsciously hinting him, causing him to enter into a dream.

Not knowing how long he had walked, Garen suddenly saw a swan in front.

The pure white swan had no variegated color on its body and was almost one with this s.p.a.ce.

What was even more bizarre was that there was only one white swan.

He was wearing a black tuxedo and had two human legs underneath. One wing was like a palm holding a staff.

"Young man," the swan's black beak opened and closed, making a sharp voice. "Do you know where Balloon is?"


"Yes, it's the name of a flower," the swan-gentleman turned his staff.

"I don't think I know," Garen replied randomly. Just as he was preparing to leave after answering, he found himself stopped by the swan-gentleman.

"Mother says, we must be honest," Mr. Swan was very angry. His chest continued to rise and fall as his voice became more terrible.

"I'm sorry," Garen suddenly felt that the entire dream was shaking violently.

"Baby… Baby, wake up. It's time for lunch..." A gentle voice seemed to come from the sky and continually stirred in the entire white s.p.a.ce.

Garen was suddenly enlightened. This should be a child's dream as it was such a simple dream it could only belong to a child.

He opened his eyes and abruptly awakened. It was still the dark golden crystal before his eyes and he was still in the Void Crystal.

"It really had been...a very, very long time since I last dreamt..." Garen sighed in his heart. "I almost forgot that I still have this ability... The natural ability as the inheritor of the Ancient Endor civilization…"

"Perhaps it was the advancement of the h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k Queen's evolution which led to the dream losing control and so, inadvertently entering other people's dream."

"Since the confinement and distortion cannot affect my ability to enter a dream, this may be a good breakthrough point," Garen had a new plan in mind.

Looking at his own attributes, the degree of completion of the evolution had reached 12% and the solidity of the crystal had reached an unimaginable state. Garen's current Cold Energy could not be spread out at all, and could only slowly flow under his skin.

This kind of confinement was still escalating madly.

Garen continued to devour, while the crystal was constantly enhancing. Everything seemed to have no end.

Not knowing how long had pa.s.sed, perhaps a year, perhaps a decade. The surge of the dark energy had gradually lessened more and more. From the size of a person's head at the beginning, it had reduced to the size of a fist.

Large amounts of dark fog had just emerged and was absorbed by the crystal.

Unconsciously, the dark energy that Garen could absorb was getting smaller and smaller but it was getting increasingly purer. The energy that could rush through the crystal was often the purest, most powerful and densely condensed high-density dark energy. This, in turn, gave him a faster advancement speed because the digestion speed was quicker.

Finally, one day, after devouring an unknown amount of energy, the h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k Queen's evolution eventually reached 100%.


Ten years later, in the center of the palace, on the white jade platform which was surrounded by numerous stone columns.

White King appeared instantaneously and sat directly on a large white stone ball. The stone ball hovered in mid-air it was full of scratches and various ancient patterns and holes.

After more than a hundred years, White King still had the same young look. There were almost no changes in his appearance.


Suddenly, a small m.u.f.fled sound came from outside of the palace, as if something inexplicable had exploded. A wonderful aura rose and slowly diffused outside the palace.

White King's seemingly closed eyes were immediately opened and he looked puzzlingly at the outside.

His Willpower instantly spanned the palace and extended in the direction of the sound from the outside world. The changes in all these things were present in his spirit. No subtlety was able to be kept from his eyes.

His Willpower immediately came to the crystal where Garen was at. Everything that was happening inside the crystal directly came into view.

"Void Crystal..." His eyes narrowed slightly.

With a swish, his body disappeared from the floating white stone ball right away.

Outside the palace, the ground surrounded by meteorites was slowly shaking.

The ground gradually bulged and a dark, irregularly-shaped golden crystal slowly rose from the earth.

The crystal stone was the height of two people. The center of it was a black vortex rotating at a high speed. It was spewing and emitting large amount of dark fog. There seemed to be a person standing on the edge of the black vortex.

The figure of White King in a white robe suddenly appeared in front of the crystal.

He looked face to face with Garen through the crystal.

He seemed to have realized the change in Garen.

"Purposely causing a commotion, you are forcing me to kill you in advance..." White King said quietly.

The surrounding was silent and there was no second person around. A tremendous distortive power slowly vibrated on White King, distorting all the physical laws around, whether it was s.p.a.ce or time.

Numerous meteorites had also slowed down their circling flying speed. The rising distortion from White King's body turned into a huge transparent giant human outline, enveloping the island in the center of the meteor stream.

The red light in the human eyes inside the crystal became brighter.

"You can't kill me," Garen's voice transmitted through the crystal. His face was calm. "This will also be a part of fate..."

In had been ten years. He had absorbed the dark energy for ten years. The Confinement Power of the crystal was completely absorbed and saturated, reaching its peak level. Especially with the boost brought about by Garen, this which was once the Dark Shadow Dragon's crystal core had been combined with Garen's h.e.l.lfrost Peac.o.c.k Queen's Cold Energy. The freezing from the extreme cold was actually a different kind of confinement attribute. When superimposed, it intensified the Confinement Power of the entire Confining Crystal.

The current Confining Crystal had sublimated to a point close to another kind of essence, which was the most powerful essence of the Dark Shadow Dragon.

The reason why Garen took the initiative to alarm White King was because it was time to corroborate everything.

There was almost endless dark energy which had been absorbed by the crystal. At this moment, it was time to witness the Confinement Essence of the crystal and White King's Distortive Essence and see which concept was the stronger in the end?!!

"Interesting," White King's voice softened. He seemed to be more mature than before, but there was a trace of anxiety and coldness between his eyebrows. Although his face was still smiling, it was no longer as firm and pure as it was at first. There seemed to be an additional trace of suspicion instead.

"We'll give it a go."

Suddenly, he reached for the dark golden crystal. He spoke no nonsense.

On the white slender hand, the blue veins on the back of the hand could be clearly seen.

Garen heart's immediately pounded. After so many years of strengthening the confinement, it was now the time to see if the Dark Shadow Dragon's Confinement Power or the White King's Distortive Essence was stronger.


The palm lightly touched the surface of the crystal.


Mars, Red Desert City

White high-rise buildings formed this huge and bustling desert city.

The buildings were several thousand meters high and some were directly suspended in mid-air. There were countless s.p.a.ce-cars and s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps shuttling back and forth in between. Their sizes varied and they projected numerous shadows on the ground.

The ground was completely empty, without any vehicles and there were only pedestrian on the streets.

Baylon tightened her white windbreaker and walked to the right side of the pedestrian street. She crossed the street lamps one after another and from time to time, the crowded flow of people would into her shoulders.

Obscured and admiring sights would constantly fall on her. They were the complimenting gaze of the men pa.s.sing by.

'The recent outbreak of the anomalous mutated creatures' upheaval on Cameron Star. According to the news from the latest Alliance expedition, the Science Department has preliminarily determined that there may be a hole in the void which caused the leak of Void Creatures. Such a leaking hole will usually shrink and disappear in two Mars-revolving-years. It is hoped that the people will not worry too much. The number of casualties are currently in the process of being tabulated, and it has not yet been determined...'

Looking up at the news on the big advertising screen.

A cold sarcasm was seen in the corner of Baylon's mouth.

"What bulls.h.i.+t."

She tugged her hands in her pockets and quickly accelerated forward in a light and quick motion.

No one knew the situation better than her. In the first wave of members who had come in contact with Cameron Star, her companion, White Winter, was involved.

Since the Energy Machinist Extinction, they had all joined the only Star Emperor force – Sawtooth King, who did not lay his hands on the Energy Machinists back then. They were now members of different positions in each army team.

This round of exterminating Scarlet Mourning Hall's secret spot on Mars was the mission completed together by Clint and herself.

As for the rumor of their Regent-Level heritage, it was meaningless to Sawtooth King. Red King was defeated by him back then even though his power was twice as strong, and so he was not bothered at all.

On the contrary, he had a friends.h.i.+p with the Red King. This matter was a big problem for the general forces but it was a simple, trivial matter for Sawtooth King, who was one of the Nine Emperors of the human beings. As for White King, hardly anyone really knew about the matter of White King targeting Red Moon.

Baylon took a few steps forward and soon, a green coconut-like s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p landed and hovered beside her.

The window opened to reveal a handsome looking face on the inside.

"Hey beauty, are you interested in going for a ride together?"


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