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My Range Is One Million

Chapter 146: 151 Religious Fanatics 2

That night they arrived in Justin Point and Sofia greeted the leader. The church members were preparing for a group prayer later. After arrived everyone settled into an area with their weapons prepared ready for an encounter with an enemy.

First he sent Sofia a task to help them with. Although the other Oaks weren't told yet, they would have to come and go from Justin Point oftenly.

"Did you find a temporary transfer to get through the gate?"

"Yes. Everything is all set and should work out just fine."

"Good. that's the most important thing. After we go through the gate to earth then we'll be able to easily come and go anytime."

She then had a blank facial expression after the leader spoke.

"Yes. we have no exceptions for anything going wrong this time."


"Taking this gate to get to earth is the best way but right there's a lot that needs to be done in this place. Nothing new has come from the National Hunter a.s.sociation."

"I see."

"Alright, we'll get everything going."

The lead priest walked into the room and sat back into a chair.

"Alright, that's enough."

He said.

"The Oaks still need strength. They'll be needing even more in the future."

The Oaks weren't quite ready for battle yet.

Of course it wasn't much a big deal as they always traveled in groups and were almost unstopped together but, they had to play it safe this time.

"Let's all take a rest for now."

Before their plan went into action they planned to take a rest.

-The bishop has an urgent message!

-What's going on?

-The Oaks are on their way to Justin Point!


He asked in surprise. Why were trying going there? Of course they had to be up to no good.

-What are they doing?

-I'm not sure but there's a lot of them coming.

-How many of them are there?

-More than 10,000.


An army of Oaks were currently on their way to Justin Point. He knew he had to find out what was going on and stop them as he knew they were up to no good.

Without even having anytime to rest it was time for another mission.


The bishop knew where he could find them.

-They arrived here with the Samjeon church members as well.

-I see. Do you know their exact location?

-They're 10 meters in the Southwest direction past the secret observation tower.


He anxiously asked to himself.

-I'll prepare to handle them.


He then quickly calmed down to think through a plan.

-I'm not too sure how but we have to make sure this is perfect.

-Yes, sir.

They were in preparation for their enemy to appear.
After improvement and precise planning they felt like they had a chance of success.

'What if our missing soldiers attack us.'

Justin Point had been repaired a lot since the last Oak attack.
It was the attack that almost completely destroyed Justin Point.

'The worst thing that could happen is our missing soldiers their leading dying leaving us to finish this alone.'

The bishop started to worry.
He needed all the soldiers for what he was planning or else he would have to get more church members to help.

"Stay with us. Keep us safe and focused."

It was a small prayer but it helped him feel less tense before leaving the room.
He prayed for them to find the other soldiers safe and fast with no troubles.


"Stop! Tell me!"

"I said stop!"

He shouted and the Oaks that were walking then immediately stopped.
They were nocturnal Oaks but as they were traveling on for a few days they clearly looked very exhausted.

"Sir! What are you doing?'

One of the crowd of the missing Oaks asked to their leader.
"Is that a command?"

"The Oaks back in the city seems to be getting ready for a war. It says they want us to come back right away."

"Where the heck did they come from?"

"Yesterday they followed a messenger here after getting the news two days ago."

The Oak said and their leader Halcan began to get buried in thought. He wanted to do this on his own.

"I understand. Tomorrow morning we'll get going."


Just as he spoke something flew out of nowhere and stabbed into the foot of their co leader.
All of the other Oaks were clearly shocked and looked confusingly wondering what was going on.

"It must the human that invaded the altar! Prepare your weapons everyone!"

"Yes, sir!"

The Oaks then quickly armed their gear.

"Hurry! We can teach him a lesson this time!"

"Yes, sir!"

Halcan noticed that their co leader wasn't looking so well as there was something stabbed into his foot.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm okay."

"I think this was a bad idea."

"Me too."

Halcan wanted to lead a large force of soldiers to Justin Point for a fight but he didn't think they would have to fight the enemy so soon. Although he did regret his thought process before the mission, he felt more angry than regretful. Well, maybe anger was an overstatement. The reason for that was because when they got the news from the Oaks back in the neighborhood they were still many Oaks by his side.

However, the problem was that the leader back in the neighborhood with the other Oaks interrupted their plan and wanted them to return immediately. But, he was still lucky to have so much help him on the mission so far. It was a good thing they had the church members on their side to help them when they needed it.

"I don't think I want to end this mission. I can't just drop this and let it go."


The co leader said in reply to Halcan.

Their connection with the Samjeon church was not important on anything related to that mission.
He had dozens of Oaks with him that were very capable of helping. Although they knew it would be difficult, they wanted to make sure the altar invader pid for what he did.

Capturing the culprit was the only thing on his mind. However, when he saw the Oaks position he felt a bit anxious. Samjeon church members were in Justin Point with the bishop preparing for the mission planned by the leaders.

"We can't stop here."

"You are very brave, Halcan. If you hadn't warned me then I could have fallen into a trap later."


Halcan laughed.

"Okay, you get going now. At least the bishop will be relieved when he sees you."

"Alright. See you soon."


Halcan's henchmen Oak were the first to go on their way to return to Justin Point.
Soon they were able to see the distant amazing city wall of Justin Point. Before they could get any closer the Oaks stopped. They didn't need to go any further. The door of Justin Point opened and a giant military bus came through.

"Of course."
Halcan wasn't surprised.
Even the other soldiers could guess what was going on.
At first the co leader thought it was the bishop coming to see them in person as soon as he could.

The sooner they were able to talk about the altar destruction situation the better.


Their co leader nervously greeted him. Luckily, instead of seeming angry, the bishop looked relieved to see that they have returned. Their co leader then explained to him what they were doing.

"You've worked hard."

"No, no. it was nothing."

The two of them then exchanged handshakes. What was most surprising is that their co leader was very skilled in English. Oaks had a difficult time learning English, that's why it was so impressive.

That's why he was ranked very high on the team.

"Welcome back."

"Thank you."

Kukae then got onto the military bus with the bishop. Inside the bus was decorated very luxurious and fancy. The two of them spent a few hours talking on the bus.

"....and, that's what happened."

"That was a setup!"

The bishop shouted as she quickly stood up from his seat.

"I know. I thought that we should go and show them a lesson ourselves."

"But, I'm sorry. I guess we should've thought it through better…"

"It's okay. I can see that Halcan's in a very tough position right now. He may really want to get back at the culprit but he's going to need a better approach for the sake of all of us. This incident is a big deal."
"But, it's not Halcan who's responsible…"

The bishop said. He knew that the Oaks had to have thoroughly planned something like that.
He thought that Halcan couldn't have thought of something like that on his own.

"Right. But, Halcan was really bothered about this and wanted to do something about it."

"Hm. I see."

The bishop replied. Even he knew how Halcan can be sometimes. But, the Oaks couldn't escape their stereotype and show a new side to them no matter what. Although he was scared for Halcan he admired him.

"There's actually a reason to why I wanted to speak with you so soon…"

The bishop talked to Kukae about the situation that was currently going on.
Kukae's face then turned solid.

"Wow. that's…"

"I know. It's so sudden. But just as you said, it wouldn't be difficult for anyone to come between the Oaks and the church members and turn us against each other. We have to think this through perfectly to protect ourselves.


After talking for a few hours they came to a solution for their problems.
Although they couldn't really wrap their head around someone who could put them against each other they knew they still had to be careful.

"I think that we just need to keep a close eye the Samjeon church members."

Religious Fanatics 2, The end.


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