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Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 250: Chapter 250

Banished To Another World《异世流放》Yi s.h.i.+ Liu Fang.                                

Chapter 47: Rewards, Powers, and Mutations!

Although it was not a strength based ability that could be used immediately, Yan Mo was pleased by saving the unspeakable primitive child when he was given a total reduction of 106 sc.u.m points.

Since his communication abilities can only be used in one direction at the moment, he simply pretended to understand the words of the child and temporarily concealed his feelings of communication.

At least until he had thoroughly studied his abilities, he had no plans to leak it out o anyone.

Just when he is overly careful, from his previous experience, sometimes it is this method od hiding one or two upper hands which may save him a life if necessary.

So even if he understood the child, he still pretended to have an confused look.

The child probably drank salt lake water and ate the barbecue and felt thirsty. He saw a little snow in the stone pot and secretly looked at a few people in the house. He thought that when no one was looking he was going to grab the snow from the pot and fill it in his mouth. .

Yan Mo sighted and didn't talk, he was trying to communicate with the child.

Because the child was rescued in time, he was not very cold. After the emergency treatment, his body naturally warmed up, and he ate something and drank water. He recovered a lot of spirits to the naked eye.

Communicating with children is a long and laborious process. Fortunately, Yan Mo has raised his son. He has a set of methods for comforting children, and he has more patience with children. In addition, he can cheat in by listening, and slowly understanding the child preliminary exchange.

At the very least, he knows what the child's name is.

Because the child knew that Yan Mo had saved him, Yan Mo naturally produced a similar feeling that the chicks first saw their carer. He was obviously afraid of Yuan Zhan and Meng, and only wanted to be close to Yan Mo.

The child is called Awu. In fact, the child does not have a name. He just repeatedly mentioned the word "Awu". This seems to be the name of their tribe. He said that he is from The Awu Tribe lives in a prairie. There are many people in the Tribe. When winter is over, they are going to start be hungry. The Priest of The Awu said that he would send slaves to The Mountain G.o.d Da Ren in exchange for salt and food. Other than that, the child doesn't seem to know what to say.

Yuan Zhan was staring at the child while being cooked in the tank and wondering what he is thinking.

When the child saw Yuan Zhan being boiled, he was scared and screamed, and his look became extremely frightened. If it wasn't for Yan Mo to hug him, he might have rushed out of the stone house.

The poor child has been afraid. He was afraid if he waits he is going to be what they are going to eat and drink. That Meng Er Da Ren who had a strong b.l.o.o.d.y smell will come to cook him. As a result, they are really cooking humans!

"Wow, wow!" Don't eat me! Please do not eat me!

Yan Mo listened to the cries of the child, and his heart was very impatient. He hated the crying kids the most. He had a lot of sensibility before he was a parent and his son rarely cried with him when he was a little bigger.

The two of them were not able to stop him, so he had to go out and hug the child and pat him on the back to try to appease him.

The child grabbed the boy's neck and whimpered and wept.

Meng saw the child's move and laughed. "This little nephew must have thought that we would cook him to eat."

"Don't cry! If you cry I will break your head and eat you!" Meng suddenly face changed and yelled at the child. Drinking, even the child is really scared and no longer crying.

Meng smiled proudly at Yan Mo. "These little crybabies are going to need to be dealt with."

Yan Mo, "..."

I really want to give you the sc.u.m value punishment.

Yuan Zhan watched with patience when the chicken and the duck were talking and he trying to appease the boy, and his face had a strange look.

This person is obviously only a teenager, but he felt that this person is more complicated than The Old Priest. Sometimes, when Yuan Zhan accidentally sees some of his expressions, he felt that this person has experienced many things in life.

Does accepting the inheritance of the ancestors in a dream made the child not be like other kids?

He didn't even see the boy show a real laughter, even if he is now full and sleeps warm, and he has awakened his b.l.o.o.d.y ability so early.

Yuan Zhan always felt that the little slave still had more secrets than what he told them, and Yuan Zhan did not know when he began to become particularly eager to know everything about the little slaves.

He does not like that the boy has concealed things from him.

But it doesn't matter, he will dig out all the little slave's secrets one day sooner or later!

Yuan Zhan finally made a decision in his heart.

"Don't worry about that little one, you ignore him, he will be calm in a moment." The young man patted the edge of the water tank and called Yan Mo. "Come here, tell me, how long will it take me to completely clean up?" "

Yuan Zhan felt his body has been almost too good, and even better it his legs, even after two days of running and jumping on the outside, there is no clear sense of the kind of intolerable pain as before.

The teenager said that in addition to his treatment, this was also related to his own upgrade. The teenager also said that after upgrading, the physical fitness and immunity may be strengthened. Some hidden dark diseases in the body will be naturally expelled He said a lot. Most of them Yuan Zhan did not understand. He only grasped a key point. It is the upgrade that makes the body stronger, and the stronger his body is, the less likely he is to get sick and hurt. 

He must rise to 4th Rank, 5th Rank, and even higher. 

Not to so he can go to the Three Cities, but to build his own tribe! Also to protect his Priest!

The powerful Priest will not allow the tribe's Chief to be weak. The small slave is so powerful. If Yuan Zhan can't become more powerful, The Yanshan/Salt Mountain Tribe come to take Yan Mo....and before Yan Mo can be the Priest of The Yanshan/Salt Mountain Tribe. 

No one can rob him of his slave and no one can steal his Priest! 

Yao Mo is his! Who dares to steal him, he will kill him! 

The youthful lips with strange tattoos and ugly scars on his face had a sullen smile.

The child was unlucky, and it just happened to sneak into the flashy and sinister look on the young man's face, Awu boy was so scared that he actually urinated.

Yan Mo, who was about to get up and look at Yuan Zhan, looked down at the hot urine on his leg... He wanted to kill someone.

He didn't know if the child felt the murderousness of Yan Mo's body. He walked down from him silently to the corner of the wall to hold himself into a ball.

Yan Mo was afraid for the trembling child, and then laughed and opened his mouth to Yuan Zhan while he was walking he changed his face for the the child.

While walking, he self-hypnosis: sc.u.m value, sc.u.m value, everything is to reduce the sc.u.m value!

Oh s.h.i.+t! He really wanted to cook this son of a bit*ch and have one big meal! 

A little comfort is that when Yan Mo checked his sc.u.m value and balances at night he found that he finally subtracted a thousand sc.u.m from the total, which meant he met the conditions for opening Article 3.

Yu Zhan and Meng were rescued from Jiu Feng's claws. It may be because the situation is not too critical. The Guide only reduced the sc.u.m value by 50 points for one person. The two people added up to 100 points.

This time, the child was saved, but for that action his sc.u.m value was directly reduced by 100 points.

Other pieces, such as building houses, identifying herbs and trees, identifying food, identifying red salt and teaching salt refining methods, and this frost bite remedy teaching, and his sc.u.m value was reduced by 56 points.

What is more special is that he made Yuan Zhan develop his ability and adjust his body. The Guide also reduced him by 100 sc.u.m points. The reason was that he used a gentle method to a.s.sist the primitive people natural upgrade.

Strange, does The Guide support and hope that he helps primitive people upgrades? 

Why is that? 

Yan Mo thinks too much, but he thinks that the most likely is that The Guide hopes that the creatures here can develop their own abilities as much as possible, instead of making extensive use of the planet's own resources for life and war, because that use often also represents damage.

Letting go of this guess, Yan Mo was now most interested in the Article 3 reward given to him by The Guide.

——Congratulations to the Banished, the acc.u.mulated sc.u.m reduction value exceeded 1000 points, and now the total sc.u.m reduction value is 1006 points. In order to reward the enthusiasm work of the Banished Man, and to make better life for the Banished Man, a set of surgical tools, including scalpels, scissors, tweezers and vascular clamps, is hereby awarded. Please go to the rewards list of this guide. 

Special Note: This set of surgical tools is can be lost, please after the use of the exile, use a lot, in order to be clear at first sight. 

When Yan Mo saw the scalpel a few words, he shouted excitedly, and slammed his face under Jiu Feng's wings.

Jiu Feng opened his eyes and said, "Hey." You scared me almost becoming a dead bird, what is it you called me suddenly?

Jiu Feng was not happy, and he bent his mouth and used its beak to poke Yan Mo head.

Jiu Feng felt his action was very light, but Yan Mo was stunned and nearly fainted at the time. "Lightly, man, You will make me a bald man!"

" Hey ." Be obedient, sleep! If you make another noise again, tomorrow will not let you go to that nasty stone cave.

"Well, I will sleep right away." How excited is it that Yan Mo, who is almost excited, can really sleep? After a while, he secretly took out the scalpel and so on from the list of rewards, and repeatedly caressed it for a while.

The material of the tool is a bit strange. It doesn't seem like the normal metal. Yan Mo didn't care too much. He tried the weight and sharpness and the degree of suitability. He felt very satisfied.

If the gold needle can't be taken up fast, he can only protect himself using other means. The scalpel is completely different. He used to be stupid when he was young. He used a scalpel as a flying knife. Although he did not become a little flying knife in the end, he could still get a hand for the throwing of static objects. of.

The scalpel is in my  hand, I have it in the world. Hahaha! 

"Hey." What are you playing? The bird's head was low, and beak mouth was about to take the scalpel from Yan Mo's hand. 

Yan Mo was shocked and quickly put the scalpel back on the reward list. If the scalpel is is lost he will feel bad!

   Hey? Why not? Jiu Feng didn't sleep anymore, he was staring at the juvenile's palm and watching it. Unfortunately, whatever Yan Mo held didn't look clear at night, and the hole was dark. If he didn't see a flash reflection, it wouldn't notice that there was something in Little Two Legged Monster's hands.

Yan Mo quickly touched his head to appease it. "Nothing, you got it wrong, go to sleep."

At this moment, Jiu Feng's face suddenly appeared an expression that could not be described in words, as if surprised It was like a panic, but it also brought a little joy.

"Hey? Little Two Legged Monster, aren't you Two Legged Monster, but... my kind?"

"I'm not Two Legged Monster, my name is Yan Mo, I'm not your kind... I'm human." Yan Mo continues to touch Jiu Feng's head and smiled softly.

Jiu Feng's head hanged down, suddenly slamming his forehead against the boy's forehead and making a happy thrill in his throat.

Yan Mo was surprised, what was Jiu Feng doing? Why are you so happy? 

…… Cut! Jiu Feng just seems to be answering him? Did he understand what he said? 

“Jiu Feng?" Yan Mo now completely put the scalpel behind his head and he started experimenting. What did he just do? It seems that he put his hand on Jiu Feng's head?

Jiu Feng looked at him, "Hey? Are you calling me?"

Yan Mo made a triumphant fist in his heart, and touched Jiu Feng's head: "Yes, I am calling you, Jiu Feng, you. Do you like this name?"

"Hey, what is a name?"

"Yes, name. Me, Yan Mo. You, Jiu Feng.

"....... Ah?"

"You didn't understand? I am Yan Mo, I am not Two Legged Monster."

 "I...f*ck!" Yan Mo felt wrong. He touched his nose and turned his hand and saw a red blood.

The nosebleed was only the beginning, and soon he felt the pain in the eyebrows like acupuncture, and then the pain spread to the entire head.

"Oh! Ah!" Yan Mo hugged his head.

“Hey! Hey!" Jiu Feng didn't understand what happened to the Little Two Legged Monster. They were still talking, but now the Little Two Legged Monster is just like someone who is near death.

Yan Mo fainted.

Jiu Feng was anxious, his body stood up and yelled at Yan Mo, and the beak also poked him a few times.

Seeing that Yan Mo didn't respond, Jiu Feng panicked, and whether it was night or not, it resolutely flew out of the safe cliff nest.

It is hard to find a Tribe, even if The Little Two legged Monster has no wings and no feathers, but he can talk to him when no other Two Legged Monster could... it does not want him to die!

"Hey-!" The screaming screams tore the silent night sky.

Yuan Zhan, who was sleeping in the stone house, suddenly rolled over and sat up, blinking and getting up and walking quickly to the window.

Meng also opened his eyes alertly, and jumped up and walked over to Yuan Zhan. "What? I seem to hear the sound of Jiu Feng, The Mountain G.o.d, how can it fly outside so late?"

"The Awu child slept in a nest made of animal skin at a corner. He didn't know anything, and there was no sign of being awakened.

Yuan Zhan opened the animal's skin curtain, put down the wind-proof wooden board, and looked out to the outside sky. Jiu Feng had disappeared outside.

“What the h.e.l.l is going on?" Meng also leaned in front of the window and looked out together.

Yuan Zhan took his eyes back and looked confused and heavy. "I think... Something wrong is wrong with Yan Mo." Report broken chapters


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