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Just A Story About Miyamoto Sakura Being Cute.

Chapter 11: Volume 1 Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Next Morning.

Oogami living room.

“I saw a dream.”

Hikaru recalled the events of the last night while sitting at the table.

“You see, last night, me and Sakura slept together.”

“Oh dear.”

“Oh my.”

“And? And?”

The three sisters enquired in curiosity.

Kako lined the plates up on the table, while Ima put the pot on the burner and Mirai poured the tea for him.

It was the usual scene for the Oogami family.

What was different from usual, however, was the presence of Miyamoto Sakura who sat with her head bowed and was breaking out in a cold sweat.

“Please tell us the specifics, Hikaru-san,” said Kako.

“I'd like to hear in full detail, Hikaru-sama,” said Ima.

“Tell us every tiny detail, okay, Hikaru-oniichan, “ said Mirai.

“No well, it was a dream so I can't recall much details, but,” Hikaru smiled wryly as he drank his tea, and continued, “I remember Sakura whispered  “I love you” to me.”


The sisters shreaked shrilly, meanwhile Sakura's shoulders twitched.

“And after she whispered those words, she started rolling around in embarra.s.sment.”


“She was grinning a lot. She was so lovestruck you wouldn't expect it from her normal self.”


“And then she went for the kiss.”


“She poked my face to confirm whether I was actually asleep. Then brought her face close to my nose to be even sure, and even checked my heartbeat by touching my chest, and then she drew her lips close to me.”


“And she wasn't aiming for my cheeks or anything but a genuine kiss. But well, when there was only a paper-thin, a hair-thin of s.p.a.ce left, she suddenly backed out. But after going that far, it's practically a kiss already. Don't you agree, Sakura?”

“──Just why the h.e.l.l do you remember everything?!”

Sakura yelled.

“Weren't you fully asleep?! You definitely were, weren't you?! So why do you remember it, isn't this strange!”

“Yup, I was. But I remember it for some reason.”

“What do you mean ‘for some reason'?! If you are sleeping, then forget about it! And moreover, why are you running your mouth about what happened yesterday, are you trying to make me die from embarra.s.sment or what!?”

Sakura grasped Hikaru's neck and shook him, while Hikaru went “ahaha it hurts, it hurts” in protest.

“But that's so lovely,” Kako said with an ecstatic expression.

“It seems the bride training was worthwhile,” Ima nodded eagerly.

“It's quite an exciting result, I totally didn't expect that!” Mirai cheered innocently.

“But this basically means that we have to continue the training, right?”

“Of course, Kako-neesama. Next time it has to be not ‘practically a kiss' but an ‘actual kiss'.”

“Rather, Sakuroneechan, why not just live with us?”

“Mirai you are a genius. That's exactly right, Sakurchan should just live here.”

“Cohabitation as they call it. And then you can climb the stairs of adulthood from there.”

“Wow! That sounded so erotic!”

“Of course! It would definitely turn into something erotic. When that happens, it would only be a matter of time until they go beyond kissing.”

“I just thought of something good. Let's set up a hidden camera this time. That way we can enjoy Sakursan's embarra.s.sed face, and we'd have something to laugh about all the time.”

“Ima, are you a genius by chance? This is an idea worthy of being called a discovery. Let's use it then. Can we buy a hidden camera on Am*zon?”

“Hey, hey, I just realized this. If we are doing that, why not use our G.o.ddess' authority and get X-ray vision? And observe them when they sleep together.”

“Mirai you really are a genius! Let's use that idea too. We'll leave the hidden camera to save the data while we observe them in real time. This way, we can perfectly──”

“Aagh, you are so annoying. I'm getting headaches from you all talking one after another. Just merge into one!


The three sisters united and the G.o.ddess of time and destiny, Norn appeared in their place.

“Now then, let's leave Sakurcchi's bullying here. Let's eat now. We are having Hikaru-cchi's favorite curry, even more delicious after leaving it for a day.”

“Aw yea, I was waiting for it! I really like the curry you leave for some time to increase its deliciousness, after all! The meat, vegetables and sauce all amalgamate, and the saltiness rounds out, increasing the flavouring from the proteins──It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call it a dish packed full of all the joys of life.”

“Hikaru-cchi, what do you want for the topping? A pile of f.u.kujinzuke and the a lot of shaved parmigiano?”

“Yup, I'll go with that! But today, can you add something like fried onions on top of that?”

“Sure sure, fried onions it is. They are sweet and fragrant, they will surely add to the flavor.”

“And while we are at it, maybe add some fried garlic, too.”

“Uwah, that's just heinous! You want that despite the fact that you are going to school! But garlic really is delicious, maybe I should go for it too.”

“...Actually, you two, you suddenly switched that earlier topic like it's nothing...while I remained humiliated here...but well, I'm still glad that it changed…”

And as such, they started their breakfast.

It was their usual scenery at the usual table.


Three (or perhaps five) of them said in unison.

And the curry proceeded to quickly disappear into their stomachs.

“Ah, so tasty. It frustrates me to admit it, but this curry is just delicious… If only I could become able to make something like this.”

“It's easy when you get used to it. If you try, you will be able to make it, Sakurcchi.”

“I wonder about that… I am fully aware that I have no sense for cooking. Even when I make a cup ramen, it ends up tasting weird…”

“I think that's already a talent of its own, Sakura. Why not work on improving that talent instead?”

“No, no, what good would improving it do. There's no use to it, is there?”

“ about becoming a performer as the girl with the world's worst cooking ability?”

“Definitely not. I do have pride in myself you know.”

“Wouldn't it be fine to just keep your pride away from that? There's what people call ‘the right person in the right place'. I think it's interesting, you know? Dedicating yourself to a single genre.”

“Don't ask the impossible. And actually, who would even ask for such a talent. And honestly speaking, wouldn't it be quite bad instead if my cooking became even worse? I mean, look, I'll become your bride before long…”

“Don't worry. When we marry, I'll be the one in charge of cooking.”


“And with that, let's just marry already, Sakura. You can ease off with the bride training, I'll take care of all your troubles.”

“Ah, okay, sorry, and thank you──or not! As I said, I have my pride too! I can't become a bride if I can't at least do the minimum!”

“Sakura, your reasoning is quite old-fas.h.i.+oned. Isn't it fine even if we don't fall in the general marital relations.h.i.+p. I will work and make money, and do the cooking, cleaning and laundry. I'll do my best you know, as long as it's for you.”

“Uwah, that sounds like marrying into super wealthy family! Are you saying I should leave everything to my husband and play all I want? Uggh, what should I do, if you are going to give me such favorable treatment, I'm willing to marry you right this moment──AS IF! What am I, a kept woman?! I keep saying it, but I have my pride, you know?! Actually, you… you are totally thinking that I'd fail no matter how much effort I put, aren't you?! That's why you are saying that, is that it?!”

“Ahahaha. Of course not, maybe. Ahahaha.”

“d.a.m.n YOU! Put some more trust in me! Even I can become better if I try hard! At least a bit! If I pour my sweat and blood and undergo a h.e.l.lish training, even I can reach the point where I can at least make a cup ramen!”

“Ahaha, stop it Sakura, it hurts. Stop strangling me already, I can't breathe.”

“*whistle!* it's been hot here all morning. And the curry raised that heat even more, so can you please keep down your show there?”

“And here it is! Someone who makes fun from the side! I'll say this here, but we've been doing relatively well before you three sisters appeared! I had no rivals, and if you left us be we would have properly married each other one day! In around ten years, probably!”

“Uwah? That optimistic thinking of yours makes even me displeased. We can bet on this if you want, but there's no way you can survive in this day and age with that kind of thinking. Hikaru would've gotten himself another girl, and even you would've found another guy.”

“Definitely nooot! Hikaru is the only one for me! I have not even the slightest interest in other boys!”

“Eh, really? I'm not really convinced there, you know?”

“It's trueeee! I'm not lying! I can bet my life on it!”

“Hmm, I feel like you are lacking in seriousness there, y'know? Like, you can say whatever you want with your mouth, but if you are serious, I'd like some kind of proof maybe?”

“I don't need any proof to show my seriousness! I mean, I like Hikaru! No, I love him! Because I'm so cowardly I'm dragging it on, but if the situation permits it, I'd marry him right this mom──WHAT THE h.e.l.l ARE YOU MAKING ME SAY?!”

Norn teased Sakura as she successfully fell for it.

Observing the happy exchange of these two, Hikaru thought to himself.

Whatever I was in my past life, and regardless of being reincarnated, this scene before my eyes is the current reality.

Be it Odin or the world of Norse Mythology, they aren't so important right now.

We should live for the present. For this irreplaceable, dazzling time.

Perhaps this happiness won't last long, but that's exactly why we have to make the most out of it.

Fortunately, we stumbled upon these fun circ.u.mstances. So let us offer our thanks to it, and live our lives as happily–and if possible, a little bit pervertedly, too–as we can.

...But before that.

With the empty plate in his left, and the cleanly licked spoon in his right hand, and a face beaming with smile.

Oogami Hikaru announced his wish in a loud voice.

“But still, this curry is really delicious. Seconds please!”


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