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His Genius Wife Is A Superstar

Chapter 364: 364 Walk Of Shame

Many eyes almost popped out and jaws fell down after hearing Grandpa Lu's words. To them, he just proved their speculation. Now everyone thought that Iris was engaged to Grandpa Lu's grandson, Lu Zihao.

As for Iris, she was exactly on the same page as Grandpa Lu. The two of them forgot to take into account that not everyone was aware that he also treated Jin Liwei as his own grandson. They had no idea that a great misunderstanding was currently running in these people's minds.

Long Tengfei and the others who knew about the truth looked at each other in amus.e.m.e.nt. They didn't correct the misunderstanding because Iris and Jin Liwei hadn't officially announced their relations.h.i.+p to the public yet.

"This isn't bad," Long Tengfei murmured. "My daughter and Liwei treat Lu Zihao like a brother. They're all very close to each other. Liwei won't get jealous of his brother."

"Uncle Tengfei, it seems that you have no idea what Big Brother Liwei is really like," Meimei whispered. "He's always drowning in a pool of vinegar when it comes to Xiulan."

"As long as he treats my daughter right, I have no complaints."

A few steps away from them, Long Jinjing and Chen Fei didn't hear the conversation about Jin Liwei. Just like the guests, they thought that Iris was engaged to Lu Zihao.

"The stupid fool who gifted your sister an entire business is Sir Lu's grandson?" Chen Fei asked.

"It seems so…" Long Jinjing replied.

"Come, Jinjing. Let's ask Xiulan to introduce us to Sir Lu! Even if his grandson is a stupid love-crazed fool, Sir Lu is still the most brilliant living businessman in our country."


After silently pleading with their eyes, Iris introduced the two to Grandpa Lu. He became interested when they told him that they were business majors and that they were going to graduate very soon. He began asking them several questions about their studies, experiences, and extrcurricular activities. After questioning them, Grandpa Lu gave Iris a meaningful look.

She tilted her head to the side, a contemplative expression on her face.

Later, the party continued merrily.

Most of the people had already somewhat recovered from the initial shock and excitement of the night's various surprises. Now they were enjoying themselves while gossiping about everything that happened since the party started.

They couldn't stop glancing at Long Hui and Jiang Ying Yue, Iris and Grandpa Lu, and most especially the Wu family. Although they didn't know what exactly transpired during the private meeting earlier between the Longs and the Wus, it was obvious from their barely veiled enmity that things didn't end well between the two families.

"That b.i.t.c.h must be born under a lucky star or something. Not only did she win those music awards some time ago, but she also managed to snag Sir Lu Jianhong's grandson as her future husband," Madam Wu grumbled while glaring at Iris. "What's so good about her? She knows nothing else besides acting pretty and singing. You're so much better than her, Qianqian."

"Mother, please stop it," Wu Qianxi snapped.

Although she agreed with her mother that she was so much better than that b.i.t.c.h Iris, she already experienced so much humiliation tonight to last her a lifetime. She didn't want her mother making it worse by getting them into deeper trouble if someone were to overhear her insulting Iris or any of the Longs.

Wu Qianxi could feel the looks of ridicule from the people around them like a heavy weight. Now she was experiencing something similar to the pain Jiang Ying Yue went through earlier when people mocked her for being Long Hui's mistress. It was a suffocating feeling.

"Mother, Father, let's go. I don't want to stay here anymore."

Her parents gave a final envious look at the Longs acting very close to Sir Lu Jianhong before the three of them left the party together. It was like a walk of shame. They felt each and every snicker and mocking comment thrown at them like knives stabbing at their disgraced dignity.

"I think we should try and repair our relations.h.i.+p with the Longs," Sir Wu said once they were inside their vehicle.

Madam Wu rejected his idea.

"They're almost in-laws with the Lus now. If we cut our relations.h.i.+p with the Longs, the Lus will see us in a negative light. We don't want that," he explained.

Madam Wu eventually agreed to her husband's idea. Sir Wu planned on reaching out to Long Tengfei the next day.

As for Wu Qianxi, she was too upset that she failed to hear what her parents were talking about. She felt absolutely humiliated and disgraced. She didn't know whether she could still show her face to others from now on.

Back to the party inside the mansion, the Long elders and the other relatives were all puffed up. They acted as if they just became royalty. Iris became the number one darling in their eyes. They acted so nice to her and complimented her nonstop to the point that Iris felt creeped out.

It was obvious that they changed their att.i.tudes towards her because of her connection with the legendary Sir Lu Jianhong. The elders and the relatives immediately changed how they treated her because they didn't want her badmouthing them to Grandpa Lu or any of the Lus.

Now their main priority was to ensure that she married the Lus' young master, even if it meant pretending to like her. She suddenly became their golden ticket to elevate their status by several places up the social hierarchy of high society.

As a result, they put aside their opposition of Long Hui's plan to marry Jiang Ying Yue for now. They focused all their attention on flattering Iris and their future in-law, Sir Lu Jianhong.

"Well, my sister is a celebrity. She's used to the spotlight. She knows how to deal with it better than us," Long Hui said.

He and Jiang Ying Yue felt relieved that the attention was temporarily diverted away from them. Though they had no idea when they would once again take the heat. The issue about whether they could have a peaceful marriage life or not was still not completely solved.

The elders would surely try to come at them again despite Long Tengfei's threat, especially since Long Hui was the heir apparent of the Long family. Their long-held antiquated values and beliefs weren't so easily abandoned. A closed mind wasn't so easily opened, especially if it was locked tightly since ancient times.

Behind them, Long Jian wore a grave expression as he looked at Iris. For him, his youngest sister just transformed into a new, more dangerous enemy than Long Hui. With the Lus' support, she could join the battle for succession in the Long family if she wanted to.

And she had a high chance of succeeding because she was a legitimate child and Long Tengfei's favourite, in addition to having what looked to be the most successful marriage among the siblings. Even if she sucked in running Long Industries, she could just hand the reins to the Lus who were brilliant businesspeople.

Long Jian's hands clenched into tight fists, feeling a sense of urgency to prove himself as the most worthy successor of the Longs.

'Traitor,' he inwardly spat at Long Jinjing.

The two of them were the illegitimate children. They were supposed to be the ones to team up together against the legitimate children. But why was she now acting very close to both Iris and Long Hui? He felt like everyone was going against him. The obsession to become the next successor intensified within his heart.

His negative feelings were the complete opposite of the happy atmosphere.

Finally, the party ended on a high note. The guests treated their attendance to this party like a badge of honour, proving that they were first-hand witnesses of all the juicy events that transpired during the party. They couldn't wait to boast to their friends who didn't attend the party.

Jin Liwei picked up Iris, Long Hui and Jiang Ying Yue with the limousine. Iris immediately sat on his lap, hugging him and rubbing herself against him. Her actions didn't feel s.e.xual, but more like she was asking him for comfort. Jin Liwei was amused because she acted so much like the needy Popcorn who always asked to be petted.

He knew that something must have happened to make her this way. However, he didn't ask. She would tell him when she was ready. He gave her a kiss on the forehead instead.

Similarly, Long Hui and Jiang Ying Yue were also acting sweet to each other on their seat.

"Bah! I've had enough of your lovey-dovey. You two pairs of lovebirds, do you want this old man to die of dog food overdose? I want to know! Let's sing karaoke instead!"

Jin Liwei sighed. Grandpa Lu invited himself after hearing that Little Jun was currently at the penthouse. He doted on the toddler, treating him like his own great-grandson.

Moments later, Iris and Grandpa Lu started singing a duet with the built-in karaoke system in the limo. Grandpa Lu surprisingly had a good singing voice, although it was more enthusiastic than skilled.

A doting smile was on Jin Liwei's lips as he watched his baby girl singing. He still had no idea that Grandpa Lu caused a great misunderstanding, making people believe that his baby girl was engaged to his Fifth Brother.


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