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Harem Tales Of A Reincarnated Elf Prince

Chapter 51: Vol 4 Chapter 11

Published at 10th of July 2019 03:22:34 PM Chapter 11

After I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed in pleasure from the t.i.t f.u.c.k of the two, I unloaded my waist, took a breather and sat on the bed .

However, as if not caring about my state, Cecil began talking to me once again .

“Allan-sama, can you still do it? I, my body has become so hot …”

Her face, as if begging me, was already completely h.o.r.n.y .

She seem to have been infected by the atmosphere of this room .

This huge difference between the strict and the h.o.r.n.y Cecil is really erotic .  

“Why do you want it Cecil?”

I asked her so .

“I want you to violate me Allan-sama . It’s already throbbing here, and it won’t stop!”

Cecil exclaimed with eyes filled with earnest, contrasting her red face .

Well, if my partner begins to beg at me like this, I won’t be able to let her go just like that .

“I understand . Turn your b.u.t.t over here”


Upon hearing my words, her expression brightened all of a sudden .

She then crawled on all fours on the bed, then turned her a.s.s in this direction .

“W, wait for me! Allan, me too……”

Erune also faced the similar way .

Was she also turned on like Cecil? Her face is also beet red with l.u.s.t .

“Me too, I also want to be with you . Will you embrace me?”

“Of course . You can line up beside Cecil too, Erune . ”

“Ah, okay”

Following my orders, Erune went on all fours too .

After that, the a.s.s of the two women were spread before my eyes .

I looked at them closely, comparing their difference with each other .

They are white and beautiful . Their shapes are also well rounded too . Each of the flesh sticking out gave a soft feeling, and as they rubbed each other, their plumpness jiggled in excellence .

Because I was unable to see which one is better, I decided to touch them .

I reached out my hands towards Cecil and Erune’s .

“Gasp! Before, our t.i.ts, and now, our a.s.s?”

“Nnnn, is it good, Allan-sama?”

Erune went to a gasp once my hands touched her b.u.t.t .

To her opposite, Cecil seems to have expected this to some extent, and asked for feedback instead .

The difference in their experience is obvious .

“Both of you have excellent, and it makes me want to feel it for a long time”

I told them frankly about my feelings .

“I’m really glad to be praised, but please, my body can’t endure it any longer!’

“Fufu, can’t endure it any longer, huh”

While giving out a smirk, I extended my hand, this time to Cecil’s most intimate place .

Then, secretions leaked out from all directions, just what she said .

I only touched it with a fair amount, but it already entwined itself with my fingers .

“Wow…… if you are this wet, then there is no need for foreplay anymore”

I immediately held my obscene stick to her intimate place .

After ejaculating, the two’s b.u.t.ts revived it just by ma.s.saging them once . it’s how incredible their are .

“Higuuu! Allan-sama’s thing is. .h.i.tting me!”

“Can you feel it? I’m putting it in”

“Yes! Please stick it in! Fill me up with all your strength!”

Did being touched my d.i.c.k made her near climax again? Cecil’s voice is rising .

To answer her, I pushed my hips forward .  

My c.o.c.k went inside, and was completely wrapped by her wet v.a.g.i.n.a .

As expected, Cecil’s insides already prepared too .

Its hot flesh surrounded my meat rod, trying to squeeze the s.e.m.e.n from within .

“It’s in…… ahh, ahhn! it’s as big as ever!”

“you swallowed it entirely . you really want it that much?”

“Of course, this is what I wished for!”

A sweet voice that you’ll never imagine to come out from the usually strict Cecil came out from her lips .

It sounded like she has totally melted in the pleasure .

I felt happy too, thinking about it .

“Hold your body firmly . I’m going to move”

I grabbed her hips firmly, and started moving mine towards it .

I only finished the insertion . The full-scale torture is just about to begin .

“Hiiuun, Nnnh……Aaahn!”

As I banged her hips hard, love juices oozed out and sounds of water surrounded us .

“Allan! Please do it to me…… Hearing those lewd sounds, I can’t resist it anymore!” 

Erune queued up next to Cecil, pressing her a.s.s to me .

Its soft sensation was transmitted to my waist, stirring my desires blazing even more .

“The knight leader has become very lewd”

“And who’s fault do you think this is? My body can’t turn back anymore……”

Though Erune said that, her voice contained no trace of hopelessness .

Instead, I felt a “what kind of pleasure will I enjoy from now on?” from her tone .

I smiled at it, then pulled out my c.o.c.k from Cecil .

“Ahhn…… no, don’t pull it out……Ahii!”

She waved her b.u.t.t and let out a lonely cry, but I inserted a finger in it to take its place .

Taking the place to serve my f.u.c.k stick is a p.u.s.s.y not sufficient enough to put it all in, but has the freedom to make mine move freely .

I caressed the insides of the other p.u.s.s.y, continuing Cecil’s desire of stimulation .

“If that’s the case, then please let me take responsibility”

I pressed my hard d.i.c.k wet with Cecil’s love juices against Erune’s v.a.g.i.n.a .

And inserted it all the way through without stopping its movements .

“Afuu, it finally entered……!”

Erune s.h.i.+vered all over, delighted from the sensation of insertion .

As a matter of fact, her p.u.s.s.y tightened as soon as it greeted my hard c.o.c.k .

“Erune’s tightness is not falling Cecil’s either . I can’t determine which one is greater”

Both of them have bodies of excellent calibers .

So excellent I want to ravish them all completely .

“Get ready, for I won’t stop until both of you succ.u.mbs to me”

After I said it, I made my waist movements more violent than ever .

I pressed all the way until the glans of my p.e.n.i.s reached through the cervix of her v.a.g.i.n.a, and then stirred it further with round motions .

After that, I turned my waist over to feel all the surrounding meat around it .

Ahh, Allan is stirring up my insides…… no good……I’m becoming strange!”

Seeming to unable the feeling of pleasure, she grasped the sheets tightly .  

However, these were all useless acts . I will make her learn it the hard way .

I knocked her upper body forward, then reached out the front with my hand .

Then, I cupped those swaying from below .  

“Now it’s over there……Ahh…… kyufuu! Its touching my nipples!”

With this much stimulation, she should be feeling a lot from her chest .

Pleasure was sent from the top and bottom of her body, and in no time, Erune quickly collapsed .

“this is, c.u.mming! I’m c.u.mming again!”

It seems that she can’t endure reaching her climax anymore .  

Once I saw it, I pulled out my d.i.c.k again and inserted it back to Cecil’s

“Hyaaaaaaaa! It has entered me agaiiiin!”

“Ihiii! Aah, even though, even though it’s just a bit more till I c.u.m……!”

“All your bodies are in my hands now . Do not think of coming without me . ”

After that, I fully savored the p.u.s.s.ies of the two beauties .

Slowly dyeing them with pleasure, the two didn’t even resist at all .

However, my body continued to respond even after the two’s hearts already gave in .

As my hard c.o.c.k continued to feel the sensation of the service of the two p.u.s.s.ies, I eventually reached my limits .

“I’m going to come . Where do you want it?”

“Inside, please let it out in my womb! Hyaaa, hafuuuuunn!”

“Me too! I won’t forgive you if you come outside……aguhhh!”

Cecil and Erune answered in the interval of their breaths .

To answer those wishes, I pierced my d.i.c.k towards the depths of their v.a.g.i.n.a once again .

The two who are nearly reaching their peak couldn’t bear it anymore, and came after another .

“c.u.mmingc.u.mmingc.u.mmingc.u.mmingc.u.mming! I’m gonna dieeee…… Aaaaaaah”

“Come, come inside! oaaaAAhhh, Cgummmmiiinnng!”

Dopyudopyuu, byurururururu!

I poured my s.e.m.e.n inside the p.u.s.s.ies of the two, who are trembling in climax respectively .

Being creampied at the same time as they climaxed, they were swept away by the waves of excitement, causing them to part with their consciousness as their body trembled in pleasure .

Haaahaaa……this is tiring as expected……”

I lowered my hips to the bed .

Both of them are in soppy and terrible state now . We have to clean up before we go out tomorrow .

I activated my magic once more once I thought so .


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