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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

Chapter 2518: Chapter 2478

Chapter 2478: Twisted Love (1)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Luo Qingcheng looked up sorrowfully, her tangled hair was wet with water that it looked like a clump of seaweed tangled upon her head. Her bloodshot eyes were similar to an evil monster who crawled up from the depths of h.e.l.l. She glared at Jun Wu Xie breathlessly when her disgusting face suddenly lit up with a vicious smile.

“Ha? Jun Wu Xie….. I thought you are so capable. You want to know about the Life and Death Worm? Haha! You want to eradicate the Life and Death worm in Ye Jue's body? Stop dreaming! I will never tell you! I will never let you have the chance to save Ye Jue! You can continue to torture me….. I want to see all your methods! I tell you! I won't even tell you a single thing about the Life and Death Worm. Even if I'm suffering a fate worse than death, I will drag Ye Jue down with me! I want him to suffer the same pain as I have! I want him to live forever in this limbo of life and death! This is his retribution! His retribution! Hahahaha!!” Luo Qingcheng cackled with insane laughter until her voice turned hoa.r.s.e and she sounded like a crow cawing.

Jun Wu Xie's gaze turned even colder, the hand on the chair clenched tight as she fought to control her inner rage and maintained a cold facade.

“You wish to save him right?” Luo Qincheng suddenly calmed down as she looked at Jun Wu Xie although she looked like she was looking through Jun Wu Xie at another person.

“That's too bad…. You can't save him….. You're a b.i.t.c.h, Ye Jue is a b.a.s.t.a.r.d! The both of you will not end well! Haha….. What's so good about a useless piece of trash like you? I could have killed you easily like how I would crush an ant! What's so good about a s.l.u.t like you? Why does Ye Jue only have you in his heart! How can you be better than me!! Why….. Why did not he look at me more….. Why…..”

Luo Qingcheng's heart was so unsatisfied, she would never be able to forget the scene of when she first met Ye Jue.

At that time, she had just started learning from her master. She was so ignorant about things but one day, this devilishly handsome man suddenly appeared in front of her eyes.

Although he never once cast a glance at her, but her heart had belonged to him.

His strength, his good looks, his devilish charm, made the Luo Qingcheng of yesteryear breathless as she sunk helplessly under his spell. She continuously cultivated herself to become stronger so that he would notice her outstanding qualities. But no matter what she did, he never once bothered about her…..

Even if it was just a sentence, he was just stingy with it.

She thought, if she became the most spectacular female in the Upper Realm, he would slow his steps and look at her.

But he never did…..

Even when she became the stronger female in the Upper Realm, the most beautiful woman, she never could attract his attention. In his eyes, it was like she never existed…..

“Shameless! You harm Lord Wu Yao and you still dare to open your mouth in such a shameless way!” Bai Yunxian could not help but gave Luo Qingcheng a vicious slap. She once took a wrong step in her life, but now she knew better, what was it like to fall in love with someone.

Luo Qingcheng was talking about her love for Jun Wu Yao, but if you really love someone that much, who would be willing to do harm to that person?

Loving a person, you would be willing to give everything. That was love.

Bai Yunxian was unable to understand the notion of Luo Qingcheng's love. This sort of love disgusted her.


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