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Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos

Chapter 865: Chapter 868: Tree Of Life

After moving back, the first thing that Lang Cha manages to do is holding the feast celebrating the first month of Gungun. The invitations have already been sent out. The place of the feast is where opened the banquet for Lang Ruoxian. This feast is also to show Lang Family's public recognition of Yan Hua and her son. Therefore, Yan Hua pays utmost attention to the feast and specially orders a new dress for it.

"Madam Hua, Old Master asks you to go to the living room."

Yan Hua is trying the skirt, a house maid runs to call her. Yan Hua thinks that Gungun is going to sleep, and hurries downstairs. During these days, grandpa always holds Gungun to play with him for a while in the living room, so Yan Hua is relieved about Gungun's safety most at this period. After all, no one dares to stir up trouble under the eyes of grandpa.

"Yan Hua, come over here." As soon as she just walks into the living room, she finds that everyone is there, and there are two more strangers.

No, they are not strangers! She saw their faces in the photos before.

Lang Cha's third son.

"This is your third uncle." Lang Cha points to the man sitting in the middle. "He has been managing the branch abroad. This time he comes back specially for Gungun."

Yan Hua quickly walks over and says h.e.l.lo to him, "Third Uncle! Nice to meet you, I am Yan Hua."

"I am Lang Qin. Nice to meet you." The man stands up and hands over a red packet to her. "I have always been busy so I haven't met you yet until now. Please don't mind."

Although the man is middle-aged, he inherits good looks of Lang Family and is a very attractive man. His facial features are not like those of Lang Li or Lang Ruoxian at all, but more heroic than theirs.

Lang Hongyue once said that Lang Qin is like their dead mother.

"You are too polite. I am a younger member of the family, so I should pay a courtesy call on you first." Yan Hua accepts the red packet with a good manner.

A young man about her age reaches out to her and says, "I am Lang Yukun. Nice to meet you, Yan Hua!"

"Nice to meet you!" Yan Hua shakes hands with him.

This is the son of Lang Qin.

Lang Yukun smiles at her, which makes Yan Hua's heart pound. She is too familiar with this kind of smile, and she often sees such smile on Lang Ruoxian's face, seemingly polite but unsympathetic, hidden in the corner of the mouth.

"Ha ha!" Yan Hua smiles and remembers that this is a difficult person.

Lang Yukun a card to her and says, "I don't know what the little nephew can use. This is a gift certificate for a children brand. Please go and pick some gifts by yourself."

"Thank you for your expense." Yan Hua smiles more harmlessly, hoping he will not make life difficult for her. She does not want to make enemies everywhere.

After exchanging courtesies, Lang Cha hands Gungun to Yan Hua and goes to the study room with his third son and grandson. Other people seem calm on the surface, but they might be worried about grandpa's action at heart.

Yan Hua recalls the information of Lang Qin and his son.

"My third elder brother seems not to be a careerist. For so many years, he has rarely come back from abroad, and rarely involves in company management." Lang Hongyue said so at that time. "But I don't believe it. If he was really not ambitious, he would have already left the company early."

Yan Hua hopes that Lang Qin and his son's goal is the eldest branch of Lang Family and Lang Hongyue. After all, she is just a small potato. She stops worrying so when she hears that Lang Qin and his son just come back to partic.i.p.ate in the feast for Gungun and they will leave in a few days.

In the evening, a few cars carry the Langs to the hotel. Yan Hua and Lang Cha are in the same car. Gungun is sleeping, and today he wears a sweater which makes him look like a little tiger, especially cute.

"You show up for a short while then you can take Gungun to the back lounge to rest." Lang Cha is also wearing festive clothes today. "Will you wake him up in a moment?" He also prepares a longevity lock made of gold to send to Gungun.

"It should be OK." Yan Hua is not worried, because Gungun is really a good baby. She doesn't know if other babies are the same. He seldom cries unless he is hungry or wants to urinate.

Sometimes even if he is awakened accidentally, he will not cry and just hums several times at most.

Prominent figures and celebrities in G City have all come, reminding Yan Hua of the banquet for Lang Ruoxian a few months ago. She doesn't know if He Mingkai and Guo Xiaotong will come today. If they come, Yan Hua hopes that they will not appear in front of her.

"Yan Hua!" However, things go contrary to her wishes. After Gungun meets everyone, Yan Hua carries him to the lounge but to be stopped by two persons.

Lang Hongyue has been following Yan Hua. She reaches out directly to Yan Hua and says, "You haven't seen them for a long time and you must have a lot to say. Let me hold the baby!"

She looks at Yan Hua mockingly, and Yan Hua doesn't want her to take Gungun away. She looks around and sees Lang Ruoxian nod slightly to her not far away.

"Auntie, that is very kind of you." Yan Hua hesitates for a moment, and hands Gungun to her.

Lang Hongyue takes the baby away without looking back. Yan Hua hears the voice of surprise from Guo Xiaotong.

"Are the Langs not good for you, Yan Hua?" Guo Xiaotong looks at her with a worried look. "Why is Ms. Lang so indifferent?"

Until she sees Lang Hongyue entering the lounge, Yan Hua turns and faces the eyes of He Mingkai which are full of delight and love.

"Yes? Anything?"

He Mingkai probably still wants to tell his love to her, but Guo Xiaotong speaks first, "I'm sorry, Hua, oh, I... I am pregnant with Mingkai's child. We... We are getting married."

"That is not true!" He Mingkai immediately responds, "We were drunk and not intentional."

Yan Hua looks at Guo Xiaotong, feeling it funny. Guo Xiaotong's face darkens when she hears that He Mingkai is so anxious to deny. But she immediately adjusts her expression and says, "I tell this to Mingkai, but he... he has always been a good man with sense of responsibility, and he is willing to be responsible for me and our baby."

"Congratulations." Yan Hua feels He Mingkai's eyesight disgusting. What's done is done. What else does he want to do?

Apparently she underestimates He Mingkai. He shakes off Guo Xiaotong's hand and walks over to Yan Hua. "Hua, you have already given birth to the baby. Lang Family will definitely let you go. Please come back!"

"Go back?" Yan Hua takes a look at Guo Xiaotong, who is looking at her with resentment.

She smiles and says, "Aren't you responsible for her? Don't you marry her?" She points to Guo Xiaotong who is behind He Mingkai. "She is pregnant with your child now."

Yan Hua believes what Guo Xiaotong says because she looks carefully and finds that Guo Xiaotong's belly indeed bulges out.

"It's all my fault..." Guo Xiaotong suddenly jumps into He Mingkai's arms and begins to cry. "If I hadn't been drunk, Mingkai wouldn't have... Woo--woo--woo."

He Mingkai looks guiltily at once and helps Guo Xiaotong wipe her tears. "Don't say that, you should blame me if there is anyone to blame."

"..." Yan Hua turns a disdainful look at them. These two people have to disgust her in front of her?

She plans to circ.u.mvent the two persons and goes back to see her son. Seeing that Yan Hua is leaving, He Mingkai pushes Guo Xiaotong away again and stops Yan Hua. "What are you going to do then? If Lang Family won't let you stay, you just come back, and I'll take care of you."

"You should take care of yourself." Yan Hua steps back impatiently and answers, "I don't need your care, not now, not in the future, either. Moreover, I will not leave Lang Family. Stop racking your brains. Your parents do not want you to offend the Langs, I think."

He Mingkai silly looks at her. "Hua, how do you become like this? Is it because Lang Family has more money than me?"

"Whatever you think." Yan Hua thinks that she was wrong to consider him to be kind and responsible before. It is clear that he is foolish and has wrong view of life.

"Mingkai," Guo Xiaotong tries to attract He Mingkai's attention again, and grabs his arm. "Everyone is watching us. Let's meet Hua another day!"

She looks at Yan Hua injuredly again, acting like an angelic b.i.t.c.h. "Hua, I don't mind your coming back. We three can live together and my child will be yours in the future, so Mingkai won't be involved in a dilemma."

"Are you stupid because of pregnancy?" Yan Hua looks at her and doesn't understand her thoughts. How can she say this?

He Mingkai wants to hold Yan Hua's hand. But Guo Xiaotong walks a few steps to Yan Hua, bowing her head and whispers something to Yan Hua.

Yan Hua can't hear what she says, and Yan Hua doesn't want to listen. So Yan Hua turns away instead. But when Yan Hua walks to the front of the stairs, Guo Xiaotong suddenly rushes over and grabs Yan Hua.

"You are not satisfied with what I just said? Do I have to have an abortion to gain your forgiveness?" When she finishes this sentence, she shakes her arm off herself and rolls downstairs under Yan Hua's surprised eyes.

There is a carpet underneath, so it wouldn't have hurt her seriously. But Guo Xiaotong doesn't see a sculpture put in the corner. And the corner of the sculpture is a pointed branch.

Guo Xiaotong b.u.mps into it and covers her belly with her hands and screams at once.

"Xiaotong!" He Mingkai runs downstairs hurriedly. Yan Hua sees a blood line appearing between Guo Xiaotong's legs, and soon Guo Xiaotong's skirt is dyed red.

The dramatic conflict frightens people and some people have already surrounded them. Lang Ruoxian strides over. He first looks at Yan Hua, and then orders one waiter, "Call an ambulance."

"Yan Hua!" He Mingkai suddenly stands up and roars to Yan Hua. "How can you push Xiaotong? She is pregnant!"

"Which eye of yours has seen that I pushed her?" Yan Hua doesn't want to talk to him, but so many people are watching. If she doesn't make it clear, she'll be the headline tomorrow.

Lang Li and Deng Jingjing also come over. Deng Jingjing looks at Yan Hua with dissatisfaction but she doesn't say anything.

"What happened? Grandpa is asking over there."

Lang Ruoxian intentionally or unintentionally stands in front of Yan Hua. He glances at fainted Guo Xiaotong. "There was a misunderstanding. The lady herself fell, but Mr. He thought that Hua had pushed her." Says him, sounding a bit frustrated.

"Mr. He?" Lang Li knows the relations.h.i.+p between Yan Hua and He Family, and his face darkens.

Yan Hua walks out of Lang Ruoxian's side and says, "Since you say that I pushed her, then let's look at the monitoring! She grabbed me just now. But it wasn't me who shook off her hand, it was herself."

Lang Ruoxian orders to do so and they find a room to look at the monitoring. Soon the video clip of the scene appears on the TV. It can be clearly seen that Guo Xiaotong ran over, grabbed Yan's arm and says something to Yan Hua. Then she shook her hand off herself and rolled downstairs.

"Yan Hua did not move her arm." Lang Ruoxian freeze-frames the video. It can be clearly seen that Guo Xiaotong shook her hand off herself. Yan Hua's arm never moved from beginning to end.

Lang Li looks at He Mingkai coldly and turns his head to say to Lang Ruoxian, "Today we are holding the feast celebrating the first month of Gungun, but someone gets it bloodied. It's too unlucky."

"I will deal with it right away. Please go to tell Grandpa first, preventing him from worrying about it."

When Lang Li leaves, he snorts at He Mingkai. Anyone with a discerning eye can easily see that the Langs are angry. How can't they be angry? Someone plays tricks on the feast celebrating the first month of Gungun.

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