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Dragon-san Wants A Friend

Chapter 58: Chapter 59

Night Town Reunion

The impromptu mixed bath incident with Daniela was still in session. As there was no one else around, I decided to just enjoy myself. The steam had now parted, allowing us a great view of the cavern walls. There were a few things I hadn't noticed before. There was a path that led deeper within, and there was no waterfall-like stream from where the water was coming. All of the splas.h.i.+ng sounds had made me a.s.sume there was some great waterfall here… I thought about it for a second, before looking over to Daniela, whose chin floated lazily above the water.

"Hey, Daniela."

"What, Asagi."

"I heard a lot of splas.h.i.+ng a moment ago…did something happen?"

"…I am not sure what you mean."

Daniela raised her face and looked at me confidently. However, it was clear that she had been up to something. There was no way that she didn't hear it. I stare back at her. She wiped away the beads of sweat on her forehead and looked away. I moved in closer and stared harder. Daniela's face grew redder and she averted her eyes again.



"I won't tell anyone, okay?



“…Ahh, fine, ugh, I will tell you!”

Daniela signaled her defeat with a raise of her hands. Mr. Asagi's tenacity had won him the day.

"I will only say this once, as it is humiliating."


“I was overjoyed at being able to come here, and was not the most attentive, you see. And when I suddenly fell into the bath, the shock had nearly caused me to drown.”

“Well, that was incredibly dangerous.”

You really couldn't see anything a moment ago with all that mist. I had been creeped out myself… But I guess this mist was serving a purpose at disguising the fact that it was a mixed bath. It was not likely to be changed any time soon. I grinned mischievously at this amusing blemish on the beautiful Daniela. And then the door opened.

"Huh? There is no steam."

It was a familiar voice.

"Oh, h.e.l.lo young man. Nice to see you again."

It was the busty broad from the bar. Why was she…she was coming in next to us, so I answered her while trying not to look.

"Ah, h.e.l.lo miss. Fancy seeing you here."

"Oh, how awkward!"

She laughed hysterically. But things were really not that funny. We were supposed to be in hot water, but it was below freezing right next to me. You know, where Daniela was.

"Uhh, so what brought you here?"

"Ahh. This place was bought by our bar. You might say it's where I work."

Was that bar so successful that they could go around buying property? Or maybe this place wasn't worth much. Bar, inn, and hot spring. It was pretty impressive though.

Hmm?  Where she works?

"So this is also a place for that kind of activity."


Something horrible was happening in the water!

"You are not a fast learner, are you!"


The busty broad tilted her head to the side and then froze. Judging by her gaze, she had finally caught sight of Daniela.

"To make a move on my Asagi, you must have a death wish."

"Oh, this is, uh, oh, I, I just have a strong pa.s.sion for my work…!"

“Ho? So that is your will then. I will be sure to tell the bar owner. 'She had a pa.s.sion for her work.'”

"I am so terribly sorry!! You must forgive me!!"

The busty broad was shaking, looking like she was going to attempt to grovel in the water at Daniela's feet. I was feeling very sorry for her now. I was concerned about her lack of discernment and ability to learn, but it was not as if she had done anything wrong.

"Daniela, she was just doing her job. It's just a matter of me refusing her, and this whole thing is settled."

"While that is the case… One does not enjoy seeing their man toyed with by another woman."

"Then I will have to handle it better next time. Sorry about that. But you have to forgive her this time."

"Hmm… If you insist."

She did not seem enthusiastic about it, but Daniela seemed to have decided that she would let this one go. Ahh, what a relief. We were about to be in a literal bloodbath, otherwise. Even the busty broad seemed to have come to the realization that her head would no longer be flying off of her shoulders.

"Th-thank you!"

"Hey, stop that you idio-"

It is important to have a thankful heart. However, it was not necessary to express it through a tight embrace of my head. And then my vision was full of darkness.

"Mmm… Where am I…"

I was looking at some unfamiliar ceiling. I put a hand to my aching head as I got up from the bed. The room itself was familiar. Oh, it was room 303. I just hadn't looked at the ceiling before.

I looked dumbly at the security device that Daniela had told me about, as I consider what had happened. I must have fainted from over-excitement after being squished. The back of my head likely hurt because I had banged it on something… Ahh, maybe I'll go back to sleep. I try to cover myself with the blankets, but I couldn't sleep. I knew that not being able to sleep would negatively impact our trip tomorrow, but no matter how much I tossed and turned, I would not get drowsy.

"Ah, well. Might as well take a walk…"

I slipped out of the bed and took my key with me as I went out into the hall. I had to make sure that the door was securely locked before climbing down the stairs.

Seductive moaning leaked from one of the other rooms. Someone was clearly still working. I guess she really was pa.s.sionate, considering she was back so quickly after such an incident.

I pa.s.sed the room and went down to the first floor. The bar owner was still awake, and so I told him that I was going on a stroll.

"That key is your room key, but it will also allow you to enter this inn. So you can use that when you come back. And well, I am sure you wouldn't try anything fishy, but just know that it won't work on any of the other rooms."

I wondered how it worked, but then realized that this was a world of magic, and gave up. I would never understand the mechanics of it. It was what it was. I thanked him and left the inn.

There were bonfires outside. The fires offered light and warmth, but the crackling of the firewood was explosive, making the night seem a little like a battlefield. Not that I've ever been in one.

I was sure to get lost in this complex town, and so I carefully noted the position of the inn in my head before starting my walk.

There were not many people out at night. People would work during the days and get proper rest when the sun would set. Or so a traveling pa.s.serby informed me. Well, you could still see lights from behind the windows of the houses, and the sounds of drunken voices, though. I avoided these lights and continued to walk. I walked in the sort of self-indulgent way one does when they only step on the white lines when crossing the road. Bonfires are safe. They are healing spots. I use magic to prevent the sparks from falling on me. I didn't want to get burned. But it was cold here in the mountains. The wind was cool for a few minutes, but it would freeze you if you stayed out too long. And so I would need to heal myself occasionally at these bonfires.

Once I was warm enough, I would continue to walk aimlessly. I would go up any stairs that happened to be in front of me and go even further when there were even more stairs. I eventually found myself in the highest point in the town. It was the point where there were no more stairs to climb. And here you could look down at the rest of the town.

“Ahh…I should have gone over there.”

On the other side, the eastern part of the town. There were more tall buildings. The tallest building on the west side was shorter than the tallest on the east.

"It's important to plan, isn't it?"

"Aye, it is. Very important!"

The voice suddenly sounded behind me, and I quickly turned around and stepped back. A pickaxe had been swung down in the place I was just standing. I look hard at the person who was wielding it. A beard and a face covered in dust. I overlaid the image with my memories. And finally, I realize that it was the leader of the gang in Fhiraldo, who had called me Black Rabbit.

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