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Boruto - Naruto Generations

Chapter 9: Chapter 9: The Young Older Brother Appears!

"The library is that way, Naruto!" Chōji said with a smile on his face.

"Oh," Boruto understood that s.h.i.+kamaru and Chōji remembered their talk from the break.

"Thank you Dattebasa," Boruto said as he started to run towards the direction Chōji had pointed.

"Mm!" Chōji smiled as he stared at Boruto's departing back.

"Chōji?" s.h.i.+kamaru called out.

"What's it? s.h.i.+kamaru?" Chōji asked.

"Don't you think Naruto is…"

"You know, Completely different from before," s.h.i.+kamaru asked.

"You're probably overthinking things s.h.i.+kamaru," Chōji said as he took out a bag of chips.



Chōji took a few bites,

"Probably (munch!) Naruto wants to enjoy hanging out before academy ends…" Chōji said.

"Could be…" s.h.i.+kamaru also agreed with Chōji's view…


Boruto landed in front of the library.

("It's a good thing I had the route memorized beforehand…") Boruto thought as he stared at the library's entrance.

Soon he entered inside the hall and approached the librarian at the desk.

"Good Afternoon," Boruto greeted.

"Oh," The librarian immediately recognized Naruto, however, chose to be impartial.

"What do you want?" The librarian asked in a calm voice.

"I'm looking for books with information on the Uchiha Clan," Boruto voiced out.

"Uchiha clan?" The librarian frowned upon this request.

Ever since the incident of the ma.s.sacre, anything related to the Uchiha clan was highly sensitive, especially the information since there were practically no more survivors enough to call it a clan.

The librarian then got up from his seat.

"Follow me," The librarian said as he walked towards a shelf.

Boruto also silently followed from behind.

"Here," the librarian handed over a single book.

"This is a newly updated book,"

"It contains information on all the clans in the Hidden Leaf," The librarian said as he walked away…

"Thanks," Boruto smiled at the librarian following which he quickly occupied a place in the library to study.


Boruto's eyes scanned through the content page for the word Uchiha.


Boruto quickly turned to the page indicated…

"The Uchiha clan…"

"Symbolized by a white-red colored paper fan, The Uchiha crest represents the fan that rouses the flames of an Uchiha's will,"

"The Uchiha Clan is amongst the most venerable clans of Konohagakure that bore many skilled ninjas."

"Their Sharingan is considered their greatest trait, followed by their innate fire-release chakra nature."

"When an Uchiha's Sharingan awakens a special pattern appears in the eye, enabling one to see through taijutsu, genjutsu, and ninjutsu."

("Wow, Sarada's eyes must be so powerful…")

("Probably, even more, cooler than Byakugan…") Boruto sighed, following which he continued to read.

"Even more exceptional is the Mangekyou Sharingan, which has a different pattern."

"Known Users of Mangekyou Sharingan till date are Uchiha Madara (founder of Konohagakure), Uchiha Izuna (Younger Brother of Uchiha Madara), Uchiha Fugaku and Uchiha s.h.i.+sui."


("Uncle Sasuke has the most powerful eyes, the Rinne Sharingan!") Boruto praised internally.


Boruto turned to the next page only to see a diagram of a family tree canceled out.

Followed by a short silence, Boruto saw a note next to the cross…

"The Uchiha clan due to a genocide carried out by one of its own members nearly lost its entire lineage over a night."

Boruto was shocked.

"It's own member?" Boruto got up causing the chair behind him to fall down.

"SHHH!!!!!" A person sitting at the next table warned Boruto to be quiet.

"Sorry," Boruto said in a low voice following which he picked up his chair and sat down once again.

Boruto calmed himself down to take another look at the page.

"The Uchiha Clan with the sole duty of being the police force of Konohagakure was headed by police force chief Uchiha Fugaku at the time of the incident,"

"Uchiha Fugaku was the father of Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke,"

"The genocide was carried out by the eldest son of the police force chief, Uchiha Itachi."

("WHAT?") Boruto was completely shocked.

("Uncle Itachi was the murderer?") Boruto was shocked speechless.

"Till date, the only known surviving members of the Uchiha Clan are Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha Itachi."

"Uchiha Itachi is an S-Ranked criminal that has been deemed extremely dangerous and kill on sight in the Bingo Books."

(flap!) Boruto turned to the next page only to see that there was no more information.

After reading everything, Boruto stared at the book in a daze.

("What is going on?")

("Why did Uncle Itachi kill everyone?")

("How did Uncle Itachi die… What happened,")

("Why wasn't there any more information on it?") Boruto was anxious.

("There's more to this than what's written here,")

("I need to find out,") Boruto thought, following which he closed his book and walked towards the librarian.

"Do you have any more books on the Uchiha clan?" Boruto asked.

"Sorry, this is the only one," The librarian answered.

"How about the information on a particular person, say Uchiha Itachi dattebasa?" Boruto asked straightforwardly.

However, the question that Boruto asked left a bad after taste in the librarian's mouth.

"Listen up kid,"

"You're asking about an S-rank criminal,"

"Unless you are a jōnin with special permissions or an official on the level as Hokage, no one gets access to those kinds of information," The librarian replied.

"I see…" Boruto apologized quickly.

"If there's nothing else, It's better for you to leave, kid," The librarian said as he sat down on his desk once again while staring at Boruto who left the library with a dejected expression.

Boruto walked back to his house that evening.

As he entered the house, he fell on his back on the bed and faced the ceiling.

("For what reason would Uncle Itachi kill the entire clan…") Boruto thought.

Meanwhile back in the Hokage's office…

Hiruzen frowned upon hearing a report from one of his subordinates.

"Why would Naruto suddenly be interested in Itachi…" Hiruzen murmured as he stared at his crystal ball where Boruto was on his bed with his eyes open.

Hiruzen then suddenly raised his hand.

"Yes!" An agent fell from the ceiling.

"Call Iruka here," Hiruzen ordered.

"Yes!" The agent accepted the order and disappeared away.

Meanwhile, Boruto back in Naruto's house frowned.

("I hate this feeling of being alone…")

("There are no games, dad barely has any friends,")

("What do they do get some fun here?") Boruto thought.


Boruto sprang up from his bed.

("Maybe, now is the right to time to go get some ingredients for Hamburger Steak,") Boruto thought following which he quickly left the house.


Boruto appeared on top of a random house by a street.

He then took a look at the map.

"If I am correct,"

"I can get a steak from this area…" Boruto murmured to himself.

Soon an hour later he appeared in front of his house with a bag of meat and plain buns.

("Tomorrow, I am going to surprise Chōji and s.h.i.+kamaru with my lunch box,") Boruto snickered to himself.

"Naruto," an aged voice called out.

"Huh?" Boruto turned back to see Hiruzen standing right behind him.

"Old man," Boruto responded.

"Hmm…" Hiruzen observed the bag Boruto was holding.


"Are you okay?" Hiruzen asked.

"huh?" Boruto looked at Hiruzen.

"It's just that you always buy instant ramen,"

"So seeing you with a bag of meat…" Hiruzen paused.

("Yup, I just had to mess up now, didn't I…") Boruto cursed himself for not being vigilant.

"I wanted to try something different for a change," Boruto rubbed his hair with an awkward smile.

"I see…" Hiruzen sighed.

"So what are you here for, old man?" Boruto asked.


"I heard from Iruka on how you performed wonderfully in cla.s.s today," Hiruzen said.

"Oh, that,"

"I was… uh… lucky!" Boruto smiled.

"Learning shadow clone, that was quite the surprise,"

"So how did you learn that technique?" Hiruzen asked.

"The shadow clone?"


"learned it from…"

"a… jōnin," Boruto said.

"A jōnin?" Hiruzen asked.


"He executed the signs for the jutsu, and I picked it up by trying the same," Boruto explained.

"…" Hiruzen stared at Naruto.

"What is it, old man?" Boruto asked.

"I'm just wondering what all things you've hidden from me," Hiruzen smiled.

"I've got lots dattebasa," Boruto said.


"dattebayo changed to dattebasa?" Hiruzen asked.

("Yikes!!") Boruto felt like a cat that got stepped on its tail.

("I've gotta come up with something quick!") Boruto thought.


"You know how language changes with time…" Boruto gave an awkward smile again.

"Why don't you show me?" Hiruzen asked.

"eh?" Boruto asked.

"The things you've hidden,"

"New jutsus," Hiruzen suggested.

"you want me to show you a jutsu?" Boruto asked.

"Yes," Hiruzen nodded.

"Okay…" Boruto took a step away from Hiruzen, following which he held up a tiger seal.

< transform!="">

Boruto thought back to the time Naruto first taught him ninjutsu.


"What jutsu are you going to teach me?" The seven-year-old Boruto asked.


"This was your dad's first original jutsu," Naruto laughed.

"Original?" Boruto tilted his head.

"Here I go," Naruto said as he performed a hand sign.


< s.e.xy="" jutsu!="">

A s.e.xy woman in a Bikini suit appeared.

"…" Hiruzen stared at Boruto silently.

*pu* Blood shot off from Hiruzen's nose as he fell down on the floor twitching his foot.

"TODAYYY I BECOMEEE HOKAGEEE!!!!!" A boy with a blue cape and a helmet came running in…

"huh?" The boy stared at Hiruzen on the floor.

"d.a.m.n it!" The boy cursed as he lifted his head.

"Are you the one who defeated him?" The boy asked.

On the other hand…

Boruto stared at the boy who stood in front of him.



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